Canticle of Canticles - 7


1CHORUS: Come back, come back, girl from Shulam, come back, come back, where we can look at you!Why are you looking at the girl from Shulam, dancing between two lines of dancers? 2LOVER: How beautiful are your feet in their sandals, O prince's daughter! The curve of your thighs islike the curve of a necklace, work of a master hand. 3Your navel is a bowl wel rounded with no lack of wine, your bel y a heap of wheat surrounded with lilies. 4Your two breasts are two fawns, twins of a gazel e. 5Your neck is an ivory tower. Your eyes, the pools of Heshbon, by the gate of Bath-Rabbim. Your nose,the Tower of Lebanon, sentinel facing Damascus. 6Your head is held high like Carmel, and its hair is as dark as purple; a king is held captive in yourtresses. 7How beautiful you are, how charming, my love, my delight! 8In stature like the palm tree, its fruit-clusters your breasts. 9I have decided, 'I shall climb the palm tree, I shall seize its clusters of dates!' May your breasts beclusters of grapes, your breath sweet-scented as apples, 10and your palate like sweet wine. BELOVED: Flowing down the throat of my love, as it runs on the lipsof those who sleep. 11I belong to my love, and his desire is for me. 12Come, my love, let us go to the fields. We will spend the night in the villages, 13and in the early morning we wil go to the vineyards. We will see if the vines are budding, if theirblossoms are opening, if the pomegranate trees are in flower. Then I shall give you the gift of my love. 14The mandrakes yield their fragrance, the most exquisite fruits are at our doors; the new as well as theold, I have stored them for you, my love.
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