1[Prayer Of Moses, man of God] Lord, you have been our refuge from age to age. 2Before the mountains were born, before the earth and the world came to birth, from eternity to eternityyou are God. 3You bring human beings to the dust, by saying, 'Return, children of Adam.' 4A thousand years are to you like a yesterday which has passed, like a watch of the night. 5You flood them with sleep -- in the morning they wil be like growing grass: 6in the morning it is blossoming and growing, by evening it is withered and dry. 7For we have been destroyed by your wrath, dismayed by your anger. 8You have taken note of our guilty deeds, our secrets in the ful light of your presence. 9Al our days pass under your wrath, our lives are over like a sigh. 10The span of our life is seventy years -- eighty for those who are strong -- but their whole extent isanxiety and trouble, they are over in a moment and we are gone. 11Who feels the power of your anger, or who that fears you, your wrath? 12Teach us to count up the days that are ours, and we shal come to the heart of wisdom. 13Come back, Yahweh! How long must we wait? Take pity on your servants. 14Each morning fill us with your faithful love, we shal sing and be happy all our days; 15let our joy be as long as the time that you afflicted us, the years when we experienced disaster. 16Show your servants the deeds you do, let their children enjoy your splendour! 17May the sweetness of the Lord be upon us, to confirm the work we have done!
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