1This was the answer Job gave to Yahweh: 2I know that you are al -powerful: what you conceive, you can perform. 3I was the man who misrepresented your intentions with my ignorant words. You have told me aboutgreat works that I cannot understand, about marvels which are beyond me, of which I know nothing. 4(Listen, please, and let me speak: I am going to ask the questions, and you are to inform me.) 5Before, I knew you only by hearsay but now, having seen you with my own eyes, 6I retract what I have said, and repent in dust and ashes. 7When Yahweh had finished saying this to Job, he said to Eliphaz of Teman, 'I burn with anger against you and your two friends, for not having spoken correctly about me as my servant Job has done. 8So now find seven bul ocks and seven rams, and take them back with you to my servant Job andmake a burnt offering for yourselves, while Job, my servant, offers prayers for you. I shal show him favour andshall not inflict my displeasure on you for not having spoken about me correctly, as my servant Job has done.' 9Eliphaz of Teman, Bildad of Shuah and Zophar of Naamath went away to do as Yahweh had ordered,and Yahweh listened to Job with favour. 10And Yahweh restored Job's condition, while Job was interceding for his friends. More than that,Yahweh gave him double what he had before. 11And al his brothers and all his sisters and al his friends of former times came to see him. Over dinnerin his house, they showed their sympathy and comforted him for al the evils Yahweh had inflicted on him. Eachof them gave him a silver coin, and each a gold ring. 12Yahweh blessed Job's latter condition even more than his former one. He came to own fourteenthousand sheep, six thousand camels, a thousand yoke of oxen and a thousand she-donkeys. 13He had seven sons and three daughters; 14his first daughter he cal ed 'Turtledove', the second 'Cassia' and the third 'Mascara'. 15Throughout the land there were no women as beautiful as the daughters of Job. And their father gavethem inheritance rights like their brothers. 16After this, Job lived for another one hundred and forty years, and saw his children and his children'schildren to the fourth generation. 17Then, old and ful of days, Job died.
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