2 Corinthians - 7


1Since these promises have been made to us, my dear friends, we should wash ourselves clean ofeverything that pol utes either body or spirit, bringing our sanctification to completion in the fear of God. 2Keep a place for us in your hearts. We have not injured anyone, or ruined anyone, or taken advantageof anyone. 3I am not saying this to condemn anybody; as I have already told you, you are in our hearts -- so thattogether we live and together we die. 4I can speak with the greatest frankness to you; and I can speak with the greatest pride about you: in alour hardship, I am fil ed with encouragement and overflowing with joy. 5Even after we had come to Macedonia, there was no rest for this body of ours. Far from it; we werebeset by hardship on al sides, there were quarrels all around us and misgivings within us. 6But God, who encourages al those who are distressed, encouraged us through the arrival of Titus; 7and not simply by his arrival only, but also by means of the encouragement that you had given him, ashe told us of your desire to see us, how sorry you were and how concerned for us; so that I was al the morejoyful. 8So now, though I did distress you with my letter, I do not regret it. Even if I did regret it -- and I realisethat the letter distressed you, even though not for long- 9I am glad now, not because you were made to feel distress, but because the distress that you werecaused led to repentance; your distress was the kind that God approves and so you have come to no kind ofharm through us. 10For to be distressed in a way that God approves leads to repentance and then to salvation with noregrets; it is the world's kind of distress that ends in death. 11Just look at this present case: at what the result has been of your being made to feel distress in theway that God approves -- what concern, what defence, what indignation and what alarm; what yearning, andwhat enthusiasm, and what justice done. In every way you have cleared yourselves of blame in this matter. 12So although I wrote a letter to you, it was not for the sake of the offender, nor for the one offended, butonly so that you yourselves should fully realise in the sight of God what concern you have for us. 13That is what I have found encouraging. In addition to all this to encourage us, we were made al themore joyful by Titus' joy, now that his spirit has been refreshed by you al . 14And if I boasted about you to him in any way, then I have not been made to look foolish; indeed, ourboast to Titus has been proved to be as true as anything we said to you. 15His personal affection for you is all the stronger when he remembers how obedient you have all been,and how you welcomed him with fear and trembling. 16I am glad that I have every confidence in you.
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