Micah - 2


1Disaster for those who plot evil, who lie in bed planning mischief! No sooner is it dawn than they do it,since they have the power to do so. 2Seizing the fields that they covet, they take over houses as wel , owner and house they seize alike, theman himself as wel as his inheritance. 3So Yahweh says this: Look, I am now plotting a disaster for this breed from which you wil not extricateyour necks; you wil not hold your heads up then, for the times wil be disastrous indeed. 4That day they wil make a satire on you, they wil strike up a dirge and say, 'We have been stripped ofeverything; my people's land has been divided up, no one else can restore it to them, our fields have beenawarded to our despoiler.' 5Because of this, you will have no one to measure out a share in Yahweh's community. 6'Do not drivel,' they drivel, 'do not drivel like this! Disgrace will not overtake us! 7'Can the House of Jacob be accursed? Has Yahweh grown short-tempered? Is that his way of going towork? His prophecies can only be favourable for his people Israel!' 8But you are the ones who play the enemy to my people. From the inoffensive man you snatch his cloak,on those who feel safe you inflict the damage of war. 9My people's women you evict from the homes they love, and deprive the children of my glory for ever, 10saying, 'Up and off with you! You can't stay here!' For a worthless thing you exact an extortionatepledge. 11If a man of the spirit came and invented this lie, 'I prophesy wine and liquor for you,' he would be theprophet for a people like this. 12I shall assemble the whole of Jacob, I shal gather the remnant of Israel, I shal gather them togetherlike sheep in an enclosure. And like a flock within their fold, they will bleat far away from anyone, 13their leader wil break out first, then al break out through the gate and escape, with their king leadingthe way and with Yahweh at their head.
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