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Proverbs 3


1My child, do not forget my teaching, let your heart keep my principles,2since they will increase your length of days, your years of life and your wel -being.3Let faithful love and constancy never leave you: tie them round your neck, write them on the tablet ofyour heart.4Thus you will find favour and success in the sight of God and of people.5Trust wholeheartedly in Yahweh, put no faith in your own perception;6acknowledge him in every course you take, and he wil see that your paths are smooth.7Do not congratulate yourself on your own wisdom, fear Yahweh and turn your back on evil:8health-giving, this, to your body, relief to your bones.9Honour Yahweh with what goods you have and with the first-fruits of al your produce;10then your barns will be fil ed with corn, your vats overflowing with new wine.11My child, do not scorn correction from Yahweh, do not resent his reproof;12for Yahweh reproves those he loves, as a father the child whom he loves.13Blessed are those who have discovered wisdom, those who have acquired understanding!14Gaining her is more rewarding than silver, her yield is more valuable than gold.15She is beyond the price of pearls, nothing you could covet is her equal.16In her right hand is length of days; in her left hand, riches and honour.17Her ways are filled with delight, her paths al lead to contentment.18She is a tree of life for those who hold her fast, those who cling to her live happy lives.19In wisdom, Yahweh laid the earth's foundations, in understanding he spread out the heavens.20Through his knowledge the depths were cleft open, and the clouds distil the dew.21My child, hold to sound advice and prudence, never let them out of sight;22they wil give life to your soul and beauty to your neck.23You wil go on your way in safety, your feet wil not stumble.24When you go to bed, you wil not be afraid; once in bed, your sleep will be sweet.25Have no fear either of sudden terror or of attack mounted by wicked men,26since Yahweh will be your guarantor, he wil keep your steps from the snare.27Refuse no kindness to those who have a right to it, if it is in your power to perform it.28Do not say to your neighbour, 'Go away! Come another time! I will give it you tomorrow,' if you can do itnow.29Do not plot harm against your neighbour who is living unsuspecting beside you.30Do not pick a groundless quarrel with anyone who has done you no harm.31Do not envy the man of violence, never model your conduct on his;32for the wilful wrong-doer is abhorrent to Yahweh, who confides only in the honest.33Yahweh's curse lies on the house of the wicked, but he blesses the home of the upright.34He mocks those who mock, but accords his favour to the humble.35Glory is the portion of the wise, all that fools inherit is contempt.