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Nahum 1


1Prophecy about Nineveh. Book of the vision of Nahum of Elkosh.2Yahweh is a jealous and vengeful God, Yahweh takes vengeance, he is rich in wrath; Yahweh takesvengeance on his foes, he stores up fury for his enemies.3Yahweh is slow to anger but great in power, Yahweh never lets evil go unpunished. In storm andwhirlwind he takes his way, the clouds are the dust stirred up by his feet.4He rebukes the sea, dries it up, and makes all the rivers run dry. . . . Bashan and Carmel wither, thegreenery of the Lebanon withers too.5The mountains tremble before him, the hills reel; the earth col apses before him, the world and al wholive in it.6His fury -- who can withstand it? Who can endure his burning wrath? His anger pours out like fire andthe rocks break apart before him.7Yahweh is better than a fortress in time of distress; he recognises those who trust in him8even when the flood rushes on; he wil make an end once and for al of those who defy him, and pursuehis foes into darkness.9What are your thoughts about Yahweh? He it is who makes a final end: his adversaries wil not rise upa second time;10like a thicket of tangled brambles, like dry straw, they wil be burnt up completely. To Assyria11From you has emerged someone plotting evil against Yahweh, one of Belial's counsel ors. To Judah12Yahweh says this: Unopposed and many though they be, they wil be cut down and pass away.Though I have made you suffer, I shal make you suffer no more,13for now I shal break his yoke which presses hard on you and snap your chains. To the king ofNineveh14As for you, this is Yahweh's decree: You wil have no heirs to your name, from the temple of your godsI shal remove carved image and cast image, and I shal devastate your tomb, for you are accursed!