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Tobit 5


1Tobias then replied to his father Tobit, 'Father, I shal do everything you have told me.2But how am I to recover the silver from him? He does not know me, nor I him. What token am I to givehim for him to believe me and hand the silver over to me? And besides, I do not know what roads to take for thisjourney into Media.'3Then Tobit answered his son Tobias, 'Each of us set his signature to a note which I cut in two, so thateach could keep half of it. I took one piece, and put the other with the silver. To think it was twenty years ago Ileft this silver in his keeping! And now, my child, find a trustworthy travel ing companion -- we shall pay him forhis time until you arrive back -- and then go and col ect the silver from Gabael.'4Tobias went out to look for a man who knew the way to go with him to Media. Outside he foundRaphael the angel standing facing him, though he did not guess he was an angel of God.5He said, 'Where do you come from, friend?' The angel replied, 'I am one of your brother Israelites; Ihave come to these parts to look for work.' Tobias asked, 'Do you know the road to Media?'6The other replied, 'Certainly I do, I have been there many times; I have knowledge and experience of althe ways. I have often been to Media and stayed with Gabael one of our kinsmen who lives at Rhages in Media.It usually takes two ful days to get from Ecbatana to Rhages; Rhages lies in the mountains, and Ecbatana is inthe middle of the plain.'7Tobias said, 'Wait for me, friend, while I go and tel my father; I need you to come with me; I shal payyou for your time.'8The other replied, 'Good, I shal wait; but do not be long.'9Tobias went in and told his father that he had found one of their brother Israelites. And the father said,'Fetch him in; I want to find out about his family and tribe. I must see if he is going to be a reliable companion foryou, my child.' So Tobias went out and cal ed him, 'Friend,' he said, 'my father wants you.'10The angel came into the house; Tobit greeted him, and the other answered, wishing him happiness inplenty. Tobit replied, 'Can I ever be happy again? I am a blind man; I no longer see the light of heaven; I amsunk in darkness like the dead who see the light no more. I am a man buried alive; I hear people speak butcannot see them.' The angel said, 'Take comfort; before long God wil heal you. Take comfort.' Tobit said, 'Myson Tobias wishes to go to Media. Wil you join him as his guide? Brother, I wil pay you.' He replied, 'I am wil ingto go with him; I know al the ways; I have often been to Media, I have crossed all its plains and mountains, and Iknow al its roads.'11Tobit said, 'Brother, what family and what tribe do you belong to? Wil you tel me, brother?'12'What does my tribe matter to you?' the angel said. Tobit said, 'I want to be quite sure whose son youare and what your name is.'13The angel said, 'I am Azarias, son of the great Ananias, one of your kinsmen.'14'Welcome and greetings, brother! Do not be offended at my wanting to know the name of your family; Ifind you are my kinsman of a good and honourable line. I know Ananias and Nathan, the two sons of the greatShemaiah. They used to go to Jerusalem with me; we have worshipped together there and they have neverstrayed from the right path. Your brothers are worthy men; you come of good stock; welcome.'15He went on, 'I engage you at a drachma a day, with the same expenses as my own son's. Completethe journey with my son16and I shall go beyond the agreed wage.' The angel replied, 'I shall complete the journey with him. Donot be afraid. On the journey outward al wil be wel ; on the journey back all wil be wel ; the road is safe.'17Tobit said, 'Blessings on you, brother!' Then he turned to his son. 'My child', he said, 'prepare what youneed for the journey, and set off with your brother. May God in heaven protect you abroad and bring you bothback to me safe and sound! May his angel go with you and protect you, my child!' Tobias left the house to setout and kissed his father and mother. Tobit said, 'A happy journey!'18His mother burst into tears and said to Tobit, 'Why must you send my child away? Is he not the staff ofour hands, as he goes about before us?19Surely money is not the only thing that matters? Surely it is not as precious as our child?20The way of life God had already given us was good enough.'21He said, 'Do not think such thoughts. Going away and coming back, all wil be wel with our child. Youwil see for yourself when he comes back safe and sound! Do not think such thoughts; do not worry on theiraccount, my sister.22A good angel wil go with him; he will have a good journey and come back to us wel and happy.'