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Tobit 12


1When the wedding feast was over, Tobit cal ed his son Tobias and said, 'My son, you ought to thinkabout paying the amount due to your fellow travel er; give him more than the figure agreed on.'2'Father,' he replied, 'how much am I to give him for his help? Even if I give him half the goods hebrought back with me, I shal not be the loser.3He has brought me back safe and sound, he has cured my wife, he has brought the money back too,and now he has cured you as wel . How much am I to give him for al this?'4Tobit said, 'He has richly earned half what he brought back'.5So Tobias cal ed his companion and said, 'Take half of what you brought back, in payment for al youhave done, and go in peace.'6Then Raphael took them both aside and said, 'Bless God, utter his praise before al the living for thefavour he has shown you. Bless and extol his name. Proclaim before all people the deeds of God as theydeserve, and never tire of giving him thanks.7It is right to keep the secret of a king, yet right to reveal and publish the works of God as they deserve.Do what is good, and no evil can befall you.8'Prayer with fasting and alms with uprightness are better than riches with iniquity. Better to practisealmsgiving than to hoard up gold.9Almsgiving saves from death and purges every kind of sin. Those who give alms have their fill of days;10those who commit sin and do evil bring harm on themselves.11'I am going to tel you the whole truth, hiding nothing from you. I have already told you that it is rightto keep the secret of a king, yet right too to reveal in a worthy way the words of God.12So you must know that when you and Sarah were at prayer, it was I who offered your supplicationsbefore the glory of the Lord and who read them; so too when you were burying the dead.13When you did not hesitate to get up and leave the table to go and bury a dead man, I was sent to testyour faith,14and at the same time God sent me to heal you and your daughter-in-law Sarah.15I am Raphael, one of the seven angels who stand ever ready to enter the presence of the glory of theLord.'16They were both overwhelmed with awe; they fel on their faces in terror.17But the angel said, 'Do not be afraid; peace be with you. Bless God for ever.18As far as I was concerned, when I was with you, my presence was not by any decision of mine, butby the wil of God; he is the one whom you must bless as long as you live, he the one that you must praise.19You thought you saw me eating, but that was appearance and no more.20Now bless the Lord on earth and give thanks to God. I am about to return to him who sent me fromabove. Write down al that has happened.' And he rose in the air.21When they stood up again, he was no longer visible. They praised God with hymns; they thanked himfor having performed such wonders; had not an angel of God appeared to them?