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Joshua 1


1When Moses, servant of Yahweh, was dead, Yahweh spoke to Joshua son of Nun, Moses' adjutant. Hesaid,2'Moses my servant is dead; go now and cross this Jordan, you and this whole people, into the countrywhich I am giving to them (the Israelites).3Every place you tread with the soles of your feet I shall give you, as I declared to Moses that I would.4From the desert and the Lebanon, to the Great River, the Euphrates (the entire country of the Hittites),and as far as the Great Sea to westward, is to be your territory.5As long as you live, no one wil be able to resist you; I shal be with you as I was with Moses; I shall notfail you or desert you.6'Be strong and stand firm, for you are the man to give this people possession of the land which I sworeto their ancestors that I would give them.7Only be strong and stand very firm and be careful to keep the whole Law which my servant Moses laiddown for you. Do not swerve from this either to right or to left, and then you wil succeed wherever you go.8Have the book of this Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may careful ykeep everything that is written in it. Then your undertakings wil prosper, then you will have success.9Have I not told you: Be strong and stand firm? Be fearless and undaunted, for go where you may,Yahweh your God is with you.'10Joshua then gave the people's officials this instruction:11'Go through the camp and give the people this order, "Make provisions ready, for in three days' timeyou wil cross this Jordan and go on to take possession of the land which Yahweh your God is giving you as yourown." '12Joshua then said to the Reubenites and Gadites and the half-tribe of Manasseh,13'Remember the order given you by Moses, servant of Yahweh: Yahweh your God, in bringing you torest, has given you the land where we are.14Your wives, your little ones and your cattle must stay in the country given you by Moses beyond theJordan. But al you fighting men must cross in battle formation at the head of your brothers and help them,15until Yahweh grants rest to your brothers and you alike, when they too have taken possession of theland which Yahweh your God is giving to them. Then you may go back and take possession of the land whichbelongs to you and which Moses, servant of Yahweh, has given you on the eastern side of the Jordan.'16They answered Joshua, 'We wil do whatever you order us, and wherever you send us we wil go.17We obeyed Moses in everything, and now we will obey you. Only may Yahweh your God be with youas he was with Moses!18If anyone rebels against your orders or will not listen to your commands, let him be put to death. Only be strong and stand firm.'