Sunday, 23 June 2024 - San Giuseppe Cafasso ( Letture di oggi)

Proverbs 1


1The proverbs of Solomon son of David, king of Israel:2for learning what wisdom and discipline are, for understanding words of deep meaning,3for acquiring a disciplined insight, uprightness, justice and fair dealing;4for teaching sound judgement to the simple, and knowledge and reflection to the young;5Let the wise listen and learn yet more, and a person of discernment wil acquire the art of guidance.6for perceiving the meaning of proverbs and obscure sayings, the sayings of the sages and their riddles.7The fear of Yahweh is the beginning of knowledge; fools spurn wisdom and discipline.8Listen, my child, to your father's instruction, do not reject your mother's teaching:9they wil be a crown of grace for your head, a circlet for your neck.10My child, if sinners try to seduce you, do not go with them.11If they say, 'Come with us: let us lie in ambush to shed blood; if we plan an ambush for the innocentwithout provocation,12we can swal ow them alive, like Sheol, and whole, like those who sink into oblivion.13We shal find treasures of every sort, we shall fil our houses with plunder;14throw in your lot with us: one purse between us al .'15My child, do not fol ow them in their way, keep your steps out of their path16for their feet hasten to evil, they are quick to shed blood;17for the net is spread in vain if any winged creature can see it.18It is for their own blood such people lie in wait, their ambush is against their own selves!19Such are the paths of al who seek dishonest gain: which robs of their lives al who take it for their own.20Wisdom cal s aloud in the streets, she raises her voice in the public squares;21she cal s out at the street corners, she delivers her message at the city gates.22'You simple people, how much longer will you cling to your simple ways? How much longer willmockers revel in their mocking and fools go on hating knowledge?23Pay attention to my warning. To you I wil pour out my heart and tel you what I have to say.24Since I have cal ed and you have refused me, since I have beckoned and no one has taken notice,25since you have ignored al my advice and rejected al my warnings,26I, for my part, shall laugh at your distress, I shal jeer when terror befal s you,27when terror befal s you, like a storm, when your distress arrives, like a whirlwind, when ordeal andanguish bear down on you.28Then they will cal me, but I shal not answer, they wil look eagerly for me and will not find me.29They have hated knowledge, they have not chosen the fear of Yahweh,30they have taken no notice of my advice, they have spurned al my warnings:31so they wil have to eat the fruits of their own ways of life, and choke themselves with their ownscheming.32For the errors of the simple lead to their death, the complacency of fools works their own ruin;33but whoever listens to me may live secure, will have quiet, fearing no mischance.'