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Habakkuk 1


1The charge that Habakkuk the prophet received in a vision.2How long, Yahweh, am I to cry for help while you wil not listen; to cry, 'Violence!' in your ear while youwil not save?3Why do you make me see wrong-doing, why do you countenance oppression? Plundering and violenceconfront me, contention and discord flourish.4And so the law loses its grip and justice never emerges, since the wicked outwits the upright and sojustice comes out perverted.5Cast your eyes over the nations, look, and be amazed, astounded. For I am doing something in yourown days which you wil not believe if you are told of it.6For look, I am stirring up the Chaldaeans, that fierce and fiery nation who march miles across country toseize the homes of others.7They are dreadful and awesome, a law and authority to themselves.8Their horses are swifter than leopards, fiercer than wolves at night; their horsemen gal op on, theirhorsemen advance from afar, swooping like an eagle anxious to feed.9They are al bent on violence, their faces scorching like an east wind; they scoop up prisoners likesand.10They scoff at kings, they despise princes. They make light of al fortresses: they heap up earth andtake them.11Then the wind changes and is gone . . . Guilty is he who makes his strength his god.12Surely you, Yahweh, are from ancient times, my holy God, who never dies! Yahweh, you haveappointed him to execute judgement; O Rock, you have set him firm to punish.13Your eyes are too pure to rest on evil, you cannot look on at oppression. Why do you look on at thosewho play the traitor, why say nothing while the wicked swal ows someone more upright than himself?14Why treat people like fish of the sea, like gliding creatures who have no leader?15They haul them al up on their hook, they catch them in their net, they sweep them up in their dragnetand then make merry and rejoice.16And so they offer a sacrifice to their net, and burn incense to their dragnet, for by these they get a richliving and live off the fat of the land.17Are they to go on emptying their net unceasingly, slaughtering the nations without pity?