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Joshua 16


1Similarly, the lot of the sons of Joseph fell from the Jordan, opposite Jericho and its waters, to the east, to the wilderness that ascends from Jericho to the mountain of Bethel.2And it goes out from Bethel to Luz. And it crosses the border of Archi to Ataroth.3And it descends to the west, beside the border of Japhleti, as far as the borders of lower Beth-horon, and to Gezer. And the last parts of its regions are by the great sea.4And Manasseh and Ephraim, the sons of Joseph, possessed it.5And the border of the sons of Ephraim was made by their families. And their possession toward the east was from Ataroth-addar, as far as upper Beth-horon,6and the confines extend to the sea. Yet truly, Michmethath looks toward the north, and it circles around the borders, toward the east, into Taanath-shiloh. And it continues on, from the east, to Janoah.7And it descends from Janoah to Ataroth and Naarah. and it continues to Jericho, and it extends to the Jordan.8From Tappuah, it passes on, opposite the sea, into the Valley of Reeds. And its exit is at the very salty sea. This is the possession of the tribe of the sons of Ephraim, by their families.9And there were cities, with their villages, which were set aside for the sons of Ephraim, in the midst of the possession of the sons of Manasseh.10And the sons of Ephraim did not put to death the Canaanite that was living at Gezer. And the Canaanite lived in the midst of Ephraim, even to this day, paying tribute.