Galatians - 3


1You stupid people in Galatia! After you have had a clear picture of Jesus Christ crucified, right in front ofyour eyes, who has put a spell on you? 2There is only one thing I should like you to tel me: How was it that you received the Spirit -- was it bythe practice of the Law, or by believing in the message you heard? 3Having begun in the Spirit, can you be so stupid as to end in the flesh? 4Can al the favours you have received have had no effect at al -- if there real y has been no effect? 5Would you say, then, that he who so lavishly sends the Spirit to you, and causes the miracles amongyou, is doing this through your practice of the Law or because you believed the message you heard? 6Abraham, you remember, put his faith in God, and this was reckoned to him as uprightness. 7Be sure, then, that it is people of faith who are the children of Abraham. 8And it was because scripture foresaw that God would give saving justice to the gentiles through faith,that it announced the future gospel to Abraham in the words: Al nations wil be blessed in you. 9So it is people of faith who receive the same blessing as Abraham, the man of faith. 10On the other hand, all those who depend on the works of the Law are under a curse, since scripturesays: Accursed be he who does not make what is written in the book of the Law effective, by putting it intopractice. 11Now it is obvious that nobody is reckoned as upright in God's sight by the Law, since the upright willlive through faith; 12and the Law is based not on faith but on the principle, whoever complies with it will find life in it. 13Christ redeemed us from the curse of the Law by being cursed for our sake since scripture says:Anyone hanged is accursed, 14so that the blessing of Abraham might come to the gentiles in Christ Jesus, and so that we mightreceive the promised Spirit through faith. 15To put it in human terms, my brothers: even when a will is only a human one, once it has been ratifiednobody can cancel it or add more provisions to it. 16Now the promises were addressed to Abraham and to his progeny. The words were not and to hisprogenies in the plural, but in the singular; and to your progeny, which means Christ. 17What I am saying is this: once a wil had been long ago ratified by God, the Law, coming four hundredand thirty years later, could not abolish it and so nul ify its promise. 18You see, if the inheritance comes by the Law, it no longer comes through a promise; but it was by apromise that God made his gift to Abraham. 19Then what is the purpose of the Law? It was added to deal with crimes until the 'progeny' to whom thepromise had been made should come; and it was promulgated through angels, by the agency of an intermediary. 20Now there can be an intermediary only between two parties, yet God is one. 21Is the Law contrary, then, to God's promises? Out of the question! If the Law that was given had beencapable of giving life, then certainly saving justice would have come from the Law. 22As it is, scripture makes no exception when it says that sin is master everywhere; so the promise canbe given only by faith in Jesus Christ to those who have this faith. 23But before faith came, we were kept under guard by the Law, locked up to wait for the faith whichwould eventual y be revealed to us. 24So the Law was serving as a slave to look after us, to lead us to Christ, so that we could be justified byfaith. 25But now that faith has come we are no longer under a slave looking after us; 26for al of you are the children of God, through faith, in Christ Jesus, 27since every one of you that has been baptised has been clothed in Christ. 28There can be neither Jew nor Greek, there can be neither slave nor freeman, there can be neithermale nor female -- for you are all one in Christ Jesus. 29And simply by being Christ's, you are that progeny of Abraham, the heirs named in the promise.
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