1[Of David] ADORATION I offer, Yahweh, 2to you, my God. BUT in my trust in you do not put me to shame, let not my enemies gloat over me. 3CALLING to you, none shal ever be put to shame, but shame is theirs who groundlessly break faith. 4DIRECT me in your ways, Yahweh, and teach me your paths. 5ENCOURAGE me to walk in your truth and teach me since you are the God who saves me. FOR myhope is in you all day long -- such is your generosity, Yahweh. 6GOODNESS and faithful love have been yours for ever, Yahweh, do not forget them. 7HOLD not my youthful sins against me, but remember me as your faithful love dictates. 8INTEGRITY and generosity are marks of Yahweh for he brings sinners back to the path. 9JUDICIOUSLY he guides the humble, instructing the poor in his way. 10KINDNESS unfailing and constancy mark al Yahweh's paths, for those who keep his covenant andhis decrees. 11LET my sin, great though it is, be forgiven, Yahweh, for the sake of your name. 12MEN who respect Yahweh, what of them? He teaches them the way they must choose. 13NEIGHBOURS to happiness wil they live, and their children inherit the land. 14ONLY those who fear Yahweh have his secret and his covenant, for their understanding. 15PERMANENTLY my eyes are on Yahweh, for he will free my feet from the snare. 16QUICK, turn to me, pity me, alone and wretched as I am! 17RELIEVE the distress of my heart, bring me out of my constraint. 18SPARE a glance for my misery and pain, take al my sins away. 19TAKE note how countless are my enemies, how violent their hatred for me. 20UNLESS you guard me and rescue me I shall be put to shame, for you are my refuge. 21VIRTUE and integrity be my protection, for my hope, Yahweh, is in you. 22Ransom Israel, O God, from al its troubles.
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