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Hebrews 8


1The principal point of al that we have said is that we have a high priest of exactly this kind. He hastaken his seat at the right of the throne of divine Majesty in the heavens,2and he is the minister of the sanctuary and of the true Tent which the Lord, and not any man, set up.3Every high priest is constituted to offer gifts and sacrifices, and so this one too must have something tooffer.4In fact, if he were on earth, he would not be a priest at al , since there are others who make theofferings laid down by the Law,5though these maintain the service only of a model or a reflection of the heavenly realities; just asMoses, when he had the Tent to build, was warned by God who said: See that you work to the design that wasshown you on the mountain.6As it is, he has been given a ministry as far superior as is the covenant of which he is the mediator,which is founded on better promises.7If that first covenant had been faultless, there would have been no room for a second one to replace it.8And in fact God does find fault with them; he says: Look, the days are coming, the Lord declares, whenI will make a new covenant with the House of Israel and the House of Judah,9but not a covenant like the one I made with their ancestors, the day I took them by the hand to bringthem out of Egypt, which covenant of mine they broke, and I too abandoned them, the Lord declares.10No, this is the covenant I wil make with the House of Israel, when those days have come, the Lorddeclares: In their minds I shal plant my laws writing them on their hearts. Then I shall be their God, and theyshall be my people.11There wil be no further need for each to teach his neighbour, and each his brother, saying 'Learn toknow the Lord!' No, they will al know me, from the least to the greatest,12since I shall forgive their guilt and never more call their sins to mind.13By speaking of a new covenant, he implies that the first one is old. And anything old and ageing isready to disappear.