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Ezekiel 27


1The word of Yahweh was addressed to me as follows,2'Son of man, raise the lament for Tyre.3Say to Tyre, "City enthroned at the gateway of the sea, agent between the peoples and the manyislands, Lord Yahweh says this: Tyre, you used to say: I am a ship perfect in beauty.4Your frontiers were far out to sea; those who built you made you perfect in beauty.5Cypress from Senir they used for al your planking. They took a cedar from Lebanon to make a mastabove you.6From oaks of Bashan they made your oars. They built you a deck of cedar inlaid with ivory from theKittim isles.7Embroidered linen from Egypt was used for your sail and for your flag. Purple and scarlet from theElishah islands formed your deck-tent.8The people of Sidon and Arvad were your oarsmen. The sages of Tyre were aboard, serving assailors.9The elders and craftsmen of Gebal were there to caulk your seams. "Every sea-going ship and crewfrequented you to guarantee your trade.10Men from Persia, Lud and Put served as warriors in your army; hanging up shield and helmet in you,they displayed your splendour.11The sons of Arvad with their army manned your wal s al round, while the Gammadians manned yourtowers; hanging their shields al round your walls, they completed your beauty.12Tarshish traded with you because of your abundant resources and exchanged your merchandise forsilver, iron, tin and lead.13Javan, Tubal and Meshech traded with you. For your merchandise they traded slaves and bronzeartefacts.14The people of Beth-Togarmah traded your horses, chargers, mules.15The people of Dedan traded with you; many islands were your customers and paid you in ivory tusksand ebony.16Edom traded with you for the sake of your many manufactured goods, exchanging garnets, purple,embroideries, fine linen, coral and rubies for your goods.17Judah and the land of Israel also traded with you, bringing corn from Minnith, pannag, honey, oil andbalm.18Damascus traded with you, for quantities of your manufactured goods and other goods of al kinds,furnishing you with wine from Helbon and wool from Zahar.19Dan and Javan, from Uzal onwards, supplied you with wrought iron, cassia and reeds in exchangefor your goods.20Dedan traded with you in saddle-cloths.21Arabia and al the sheikhs of Kedar were your customers; they paid in lambs, rams and he-goats.22The merchants of Sheba and Raamah traded with you; they supplied you with the finest spices,precious stones and gold for your merchandise.23Haran, Canneh and Eden, the merchants of Sheba, Asshur and Chilmad traded with you.24They traded rich clothes, embroidered and purple cloaks, multi-coloured materials and strong plaitedcords for your markets.25Ships of Tarshish sailed on your business; you were ful and heavily loaded far out to sea.26Out to the open sea your oarsmen rowed you. The east wind has wrecked you far out to sea.27Your riches, your goods, your cargo, your seamen, your sailors, your caulkers, your commercialagents, all the warriors you carry, and al the passengers who are aboard wil founder far out to sea on the day ofyour shipwreck.28When they hear the cries of your sailors the coasts wil tremble.29Then the oarsmen will al desert their ships. The sailors and seafaring people wil stay ashore.30They will raise their voices for you and weep bitterly. They wil throw dust on their heads and roll inashes;31they wil shave their heads for you and put sackcloth round their waists. With heartfelt bitterness theywil weep for you, bitterly wail.32Wailing, they will raise the lament for you, they wil lament over you: Who is like Tyre, far out to sea?33When you unloaded your goods to satisfy so many peoples, you enriched the kings of the earth withyour excess of wealth and goods.34Now you have been wrecked by the waves, by the depths of the sea. Your cargo and all yourpassengers have foundered with you.35Al those who live in the islands wil be stunned at your fate. Their kings wil quake with horror, withdowncast expressions.36The merchants of the nations wil whistle at your fate. You wil be an object of terror, gone for ever." '