Zephaniah - 2


1Gather together, gather together, nations without shame, 2before you are dispersed like chaff which disappears in a day; before Yahweh's burning angerovertakes you (before the Day of Yahweh's anger overtakes you). 3Seek Yahweh, al you humble of the earth, who obey his commands. Seek uprightness, seek humility:you may perhaps find shelter on the Day of Yahweh's anger. 4For Gaza wil be abandoned and Ashkelon reduced to ruins; Ashdod wil be driven out in broad daylightand Ekron uprooted. 5Disaster to the members of the coastal league, to the nation of the Cherethites! This is the word of Yahweh against you: I shal subdue you, land of the Philistines, I shal destroy you til there are no inhabitantsleft; 6and the coastal league wil be reduced to pasture land, to grazing grounds for shepherds and folds forsheep; 7and the league will belong to the remnant of the House of Judah; they will pasture their flocks there, atnight they wil rest in the houses of Ashkelon; for, when Yahweh their God has punished them, he wil restoretheir fortunes. 8I have heard the taunt of Moab and the insults of the Ammonites, as they taunted my people andboasted of their own domains. 9For this, as I live -- declares Yahweh Sabaoth, God of Israel -- Moab wil become like Sodom and theAmmonites like Gomorrah: a realm of nettles, a heap of salt, a desolation for ever. What is left of my people willplunder them, the survivors of my nation wil take their heritage. 10This will be the price of their pride for having taunted and boasted over the people of YahwehSabaoth. 11Yahweh wil be fearsome to them, for he wil scatter al the gods of the earth, and they wil bow downto him, each from his own place -- al the islands of the nations. 12You Ethiopians too wil be run through by my sword. 13He will raise his hand against the north and bring Assyria down in ruins; he will make Nineveh a waste,as dry as a desert. 14Flocks will rest inside there, so will wild animals; pelican and porcupine wil nest round her cornices atnight; the owl wil hoot at the window and the raven croak on the doorstep -- for the cedar has been torn down. 15This is what the city wil be like, once living happy and carefree and thinking to itself, 'I have no rival --not I!' And what will it be now? A ruin, a lair for wild beasts to rest in, and everyone who passes by wil whistleand throw up his hands.
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