1I commend to you our sister Phoebe, a deaconess of the church at Cenchreae; 2give her, in the Lord, a welcome worthy of God's holy people, and help her with whatever she needs from you -- she herself has come to the help of many people, including myself. 3My greetings to Prisca and Aquila, my fellow-workers in Christ Jesus, 4who risked their own necks to save my life; to them, thanks not only from me, but from al thechurches among the gentiles; 5and my greetings to the church at their house. Greetings to my dear friend Epaenetus, the first ofAsia's offerings to Christ. 6Greetings to Mary, who worked so hard for you. 7Greetings to those outstanding apostles, Andronicus and Junias, my kinsmen and fel ow-prisoners,who were in Christ before me. 8Greetings to Ampliatus, my dear friend in the Lord. 9Greetings to Urban, my fel ow-worker in Christ, and to my dear friend Stachys. 10Greetings to Apel es, proved servant of Christ. Greetings to al the household of Aristobulus. 11Greetings to my kinsman, Herodion, and greetings to those who belong to the Lord in the householdof Narcissus. 12Greetings to Tryphaena and Tryphosa who work hard in the Lord; greetings to my dear friendPersis, also a very hard worker in the Lord. 13Greetings to Rufus, chosen servant of the Lord, and to his mother -- a mother to me too. 14Greetings to Asyncritus, Phlegon, Hermes, Patrobas, Hermas, and the brothers who are with them. 15Greetings to Philologus and Julia, Nereus and his sister, and Olympas and al God's holy peoplewho are with them. 16Greet each other with the holy kiss. All the churches of Christ send their greetings. 17I urge you, brothers, be on your guard against the people who are out to stir up disagreements andbring up difficulties against the teaching which you learnt. Avoid them. 18People of that sort are servants not of our Lord Christ, but of their own greed; and with talk thatsounds smooth and reasonable they deceive the minds of the unwary. 19Your obedience has become known to everyone, and I am very pleased with you for it; but I shouldwant you to be learned only in what is good, and unsophisticated about al that is evil. 20The God of peace wil soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be withyou. 21Timothy, who is working with me, sends greetings to you, and so do my kinsmen Lucius, Jason andSosipater. 22I, Tertius, who am writing this letter, greet you in the Lord. 23Greetings to you from Gaius, my host here, and host of the whole church. Erastus, the city treasurer,sends greetings to you, and our brother Quartus. 24 25And now to him who can make you strong in accordance with the gospel that I preach and theproclamation of Jesus Christ, in accordance with that mystery which for endless ages was kept secret 26but now (as the prophets wrote) is revealed, as the eternal God commanded, to be made known toal the nations, so that they obey in faith: 27to him, the only wise God, give glory through Jesus Christ for ever and ever. Amen.
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