1There wil be a king who reigns uprightly and princes who rule with fair judgement; 2each will be like a shelter from the wind, a refuge from the storm, like streams on arid ground, like theshade of a solid rock in a desolate land. 3The eyes of seers wil no longer be closed, the ears of hearers wil be alert, 4the heart of the hasty wil learn to think things over, and the tongue of stammerers wil speak promptlyand clearly. 5The fool wil no longer be cal ed generous, nor the rascal be styled bountiful. 6For the fool speaks fol y and his heart is set on vil ainy; he is godless in his actions and his wordsascribe error to Yahweh; he starves the hungry of their food and refuses drink to the thirsty. 7Everything to do with the rascal is evil, he devises infamous plans to ruin the poor with lying wordseven when the needy has right on his side; 8but the noble person plans only noble things, noble his every move. 9Stand up, you haughty women, listen to my words; you over-confident daughters, pay attention to whatI say. 10Within one year and a few days you wil tremble, you over-confident women; grape-harvesting will befinished, gathering will never happen again. 11Shudder, you haughty women, tremble, you over-confident women; strip, undress, put sackclothround your waists. 12Beat your breasts for the pleasant fields, for the fruitful vine, 13for my people's soil where the bramble-bush wil be growing and for al the happy houses, for therejoicing city. 14For the citadel wil be abandoned and the thronged city deserted, Ophel and the Keep wil be denudedfor ever, the playground of wild donkeys and the pasture of flocks, 15until the spirit is poured out on us from above, and the desert becomes an orchard, and an orchardthat seems like a forest. 16Fair judgement wil fix its home in the desert, and uprightness live in this orchard, 17and the product of uprightness will be peace, the effect of uprightness being quiet and security forever. 18My people will live in a peaceful home, in peaceful houses, tranquil dwel ings. 19And should the forest be total y destroyed and the city gravely humiliated, 20You wil be happy to sow wherever there is water and to let the ox and donkey roam free.
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