1In the reign of Esarhaddon, therefore, I returned home, and my wife Anna was restored to me with myson Tobias. At our feast of Pentecost (the feast of Weeks) there was a good dinner. I took my place for the meal; 2the table was brought to me and various dishes were brought. I then said to my son Tobias, 'Go, mychild, and seek out some poor, loyal-hearted man among our brothers exiled in Nineveh, and bring him to sharemy meal. I wil wait until you come back, my child.' 3So Tobias went out to look for some poor man among our brothers, but he came back again and said,'Father!' I replied, 'What is it, my child?' He went on, 'Father, one of our nation has just been murdered; he hasbeen strangled and then thrown down in the market place; he is there still.' 4I sprang up at once, left my meal untouched, took the man from the market place and laid him in one ofmy rooms, waiting until sunset to bury him. 5I came in again and washed myself and ate my bread in sorrow, 6remembering the words of the prophet Amos concerning Bethel: I shal turn your festivals into mourningand all your singing into lamentation. 7And I wept. When the sun was down, I went and dug a grave and buried him. 8My neighbours laughed and said, 'See! He is not afraid any more.' (You must remember that a pricehad been set on my head earlier for this very thing.) 'Once before he had to flee, yet here he is, beginning tobury the dead again.' 9That night I took a bath; then I went into the courtyard and lay down by the courtyard wall. Since it washot I left my face uncovered. 10I did not know that there were sparrows in the wal above my head; their hot droppings fel into myeyes. This caused white spots to form, which I went to have treated by the doctors. But the more ointments theytried me with, the more the spots blinded me, and in the end, I became completely blind. I remained without sightfour years; al my brothers were distressed on my behalf; and Ahikar provided for my upkeep for two years, untilhe left for Elymais. 11My wife Anna then undertook woman's work; she would spin wool and take cloth to weave; 12she used to deliver whatever had been ordered from her and then receive payment. Now on theseventh day of the month of Dystros, she finished a piece of work and delivered it to her customers. They paidher al that was due, and into the bargain presented her with a kid for a meal. 13When the kid came into my house, it began to bleat. I called to my wife and said, 'Where does thiscreature come from? Suppose it has been stolen! Let the owners have it back; we have no right to eat stolengoods'. 14She said, 'No, it was a present given me over and above my wages.' I did not believe her, and told herto give it back to the owners (I felt deeply ashamed of her). To which, she replied, 'What about your own alms?What about your own good works? Everyone knows what return you have had for them.'
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