1No merrymaking, Israel, for you, no rejoicing like other peoples, for you have deserted your God to playthe whore, you have loved the fee of prostitution on every threshing-floor. 2The threshing-floor and wine-press will not feed them; they will be disappointed of new wine. 3No more wil they live in Yahweh's country; Ephraim will have to go back to Egypt, and eat polluted foodin Assyria. 4No more wil they pour libations of wine to Yahweh, and their sacrifices will not win his favour but will belike funeral fare for them: whoever eats them wil be pol uted; for their food wil be for themselves alone, notbeing offered in Yahweh's home. 5What wil you do on the solemn feast-day, on the day of Yahweh's festival? 6What a scene of devastastion they have left! Egypt wil round them up, Memphis will bury them, nettleswil inherit their fields and thorn-bushes invade their homesteads. 7The days of punishment have come, the days of retribution are here; Israel knows it! 'The prophet ismad and the inspired man a fool!' Great has been your guilt- al the greater then the hostility! 8The watchman of Ephraim is with my God: it is the prophet- and a fowler's trap is placed on al hispaths; and in the shrine of his God there is enmity towards him. 9They have become deeply corrupt as in the days of Gibeah; he will remember their guilt, he wil punishtheir sins. 10It was like finding grapes in the desert when I found Israel, like seeing early fruit on a fig tree when Isaw your ancestors; but when they reached Baal-Peor they devoted themselves to Shame and became asloathsome as the thing they loved. 11The glory of Ephraim wil fly away like a bird: no giving birth, no pregnancy, no conceiving. 12If they rear their children, I shal take them away before they grow up! Woe to them indeed when Ileave them! 13Ephraim looked to me like Tyre, planted in a meadow, so Ephraim will present his children to theslaughterer. 14Give them, Yahweh- what are you to give? - give them wombs that miscarry and dried-up breasts. 15Their wickedness appeared in ful at Gilgal, there I came to hate them. Because of the wickedness oftheir deeds I shall drive them from my home, I shal love them no longer; all their princes are rebels. 16Ephraim is blasted, their root has dried out, they wil bear no more fruit. And even if they do bearchildren I shal slaughter the darlings of their womb. 17Because they have not listened to him, my God wil cast them off and they wil become wanderersamong the nations.
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