1' "If anyone offers Yahweh a cereal offering, his offering must consist of wheaten flour on which he mustpour wine and put incense. 2He wil bring it to the priests descended from Aaron; he wil take a handful of the wheaten flour, some ofthe oil and al the incense, and this the priest wil burn on the altar as a memorial, as food burnt as a smelpleasing to Yahweh. 3The remainder of the cereal offering wil revert to Aaron and his sons, an especially holy portion of thefood burnt for Yahweh. 4"When you offer a cereal offering of dough baked in the oven, the wheaten flour must be preparedeither in the form of unleavened cakes mixed with oil, or in the form of unleavened wafers spread with oil. 5"If your offering is a cereal offering cooked on the griddle, the wheaten flour mixed with oil must containno leaven. 6You wil break it in pieces and pour oil over it. It is a cereal offering. 7"If your offering is a cereal offering cooked in the pan, the wheaten flour must be prepared with oil. 8"You wil bring Yahweh the cereal offering thus prepared and present it to the priest; he wil take it to thealtar. 9And from the cereal offering the priest will take the memorial and burn it on the altar, food burnt as asmel pleasing to Yahweh. 10The remainder of the cereal offering wil revert to Aaron and his descendants: it is especial y holy sinceit is taken from the food burnt for Yahweh. 11"None of the cereal offerings which you offer to Yahweh must be prepared with leaven, for you mustnever include leaven or honey in food burnt for Yahweh. 12You may offer them to Yahweh as an offering of first-fruits, but they wil not make a pleasing smel ifthey are burnt on the altar. 13You will put salt in every cereal offering that you offer, and you will not fail to put the salt of thecovenant of your God on your cereal offering; to every offering you wil add an offering of salt to your God. 14If you offer Yahweh a cereal offering of first-fruits, you wil offer it in the form of roasted ears of wheator of bread made from ground wheat. 15You will add oil to it and put incense on it; it is a cereal offering; 16and from it the priest wil burn the memorial with some bread and oil (and all the incense) as food burntfor Yahweh." '
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