Nahum - 2


1To Judah See on the mountains the feet of the herald! 'Peace!' he proclaims. Judah, celebrate yourfeasts, carry out your vows, for Belial wil never pass through you again; he has been utterly destroyed. 2The destroyer has advanced on you, guarding the siege-works, watching the road, bracing himself,mustering great strength! 3(For Yahweh has restored the vine of Jacob, yes, the vine of Israel, although the plunderers hadplundered them, although they had snapped off their vine-shoots!) 4The shields of his fighting men show red, his warriors are dressed in scarlet; the metal of the chariotssparkles as he prepares for battle; the horsemen are impatient for action; 5the chariots storm through the streets, jostling one another in the squares; they look like blazing flames,like lightning they dash to and fro. 6His captains are cal ed out; stumbling as they go, they speed towards the wall, and the mantelet is putin position. 7The sluices of the River are opened, and the palace melts in terror. 8Beauty is taken captive, carried away, her slave-girls moaning like doves 9and beating their breasts. Nineveh is like a lake, whose waters are draining away. 'Stop! Stop!' But noone turns back. 10'Plunder the silver! Plunder the gold!' There is no end to the treasure, a mass of everything you coulddesire! 11Ravaged, wrecked, ruined! Heart fails and knees give way, anguish is in the loins of al , and everyface grows pale! 12Where is the lions' den now, the cave of the lion's whelps, where the lion and lioness walked with theircubs and no one molested them, 13where the lion would tear up food for his whelps and strangle the kil for his mates, where he fil ed hiscaverns with prey and his lairs with spoil? 14Look, I am against you!- declares Yahweh Sabaoth- I shal send your chariots up in smoke, and thesword will devour your whelps; I shal cut short your depredations on earth, and the voices of your envoys wil beheard no more.
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