Micah - 5


1But you (Bethlehem) Ephrathah, the least of the clans of Judah, from you will come for me a future rulerof Israel whose origins go back to the distant past, to the days of old.
2Hence Yahweh will abandon them only until she who is in labour gives birth, and then those who surviveof his race wil be reunited to the Israelites.
3He wil take his stand and he wil shepherd them with the power of Yahweh, with the majesty of thename of his God, and they wil be secure, for his greatness wil extend henceforth to the most distant parts of thecountry.
4He himself wil be peace! Should the Assyrian invade our country, should he set foot in our land, weshall raise seven shepherds against him, eight leaders of men;
5they wil shepherd Assyria with the sword, the country of Nimrod with naked blade. He will save us fromthe Assyrian, should he invade our country, should he set foot inside our frontiers.
6Then what is left of Jacob, surrounded by many peoples, wil be like a dew from Yahweh, like showerson the grass, which do not depend on human agency and are beyond human control.
7Then what is left of Jacob, surrounded by many peoples, wil be like a lion among the forest beasts, like a fierce lion among flocks of sheep trampling as he goes, mangling his prey which no one takes from him.
8You wil be victorious over your foes and al your enemies will be torn to pieces.
9When that day comes- declares Yahweh- I shal tear your horses away from you, I shal destroy yourchariots;
10I shall tear the cities from your country, I shal overthrow all your fortresses;
11I shall tear the spells out of your hands and you wil have no more soothsayers;
12I shall tear away your images and your sacred pillars from among you, and no longer wil you worshipthings which your own hands have made!
13I shall uproot your sacred poles and shal destroy your cities!
14In furious anger I shal wreak vengeance on the nations who have disobeyed me!
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