1Yahweh spoke to Moses, in the desert of Sinai, in the second year after the exodus from Egypt, in thefirst month, and said: 2'The Israelites must keep the Passover at its appointed time. 3The fourteenth day of this month, at twilight, is the time appointed for you to keep it. You wil keep itwith all the laws and customs proper to it.' 4Moses told the Israelites to keep the Passover. 5They kept it, in the desert of Sinai, in the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month, at twilight.The Israelites did everything as Yahweh had ordered Moses. 6It happened that some men had become unclean by touching a dead body; they could not keep thePassover that day. They came the same day to Moses and Aaron, 7and said, 'We have become unclean by touching a dead body. Why should we be excluded frombringing an offering to Yahweh at the proper time with the rest of the Israelites?' 8Moses replied, 'Wait here until I hear what order Yahweh gives about you.' 9Yahweh spoke to Moses and said, 10'Speak to the Israelites and say: "Any of you or your descendants who becomes unclean by touchinga dead body, or is away on a long journey, can stil keep a Passover for Yahweh. 11Such persons wil keep it in the second month, on the fourteenth day, at twilight. They wil eat it withunleavened bread and bitter herbs; 12nothing of it must be left over until morning, nor wil they break any of its bones. They wil keep it,fol owing the entire Passover ritual. 13But anyone who is clean, or who is not on a journey, but fails to keep the Passover, such a personwil be outlawed from his people. For not having brought the offering to Yahweh at its appointed time, the personwil bear the consequences of the sin. 14"A resident alien who keeps a Passover for Yahweh, wil keep it in accordance with the ritual andcustoms of the Passover. You will have one law for alien and citizen alike." ' 15On the day the Dwel ing was erected, the cloud covered the Dwelling, the Tent of the Testimony.From nightfall until morning it remained over the Dwel ing looking like fire. 16So the cloud covered it all the time, and at night it looked like fire. 17Whenever the cloud rose from the Tent, the Israelites broke camp, and wherever the cloud halted,there the Israelites pitched camp. 18At Yahweh's order, the Israelites set out and, at Yahweh's order, the Israelites pitched camp. Theyremained in camp for as long as the cloud rested on the Dwel ing. 19If the cloud stayed for many days on the Dwelling, the Israelites performed their duty to Yahweh anddid not set out. 20But if the cloud happened to stay for only a few days on the Dwel ing, just as they had pitched campat Yahweh's order, at Yahweh's order they set out. 21If the cloud happened to remain only from evening to morning, they set out when it lifted the nextmorning. Or, if it stayed for a whole day and night, they set out only when it lifted. 22Sometimes it stayed there for two days, a month, or a longer time; however long the cloud rested onthe Dwel ing, the Israelites remained in camp, and when it lifted they set out. 23At Yahweh's order they pitched camp, and at Yahweh's order they set out. They performed their dutyto Yahweh, as Yahweh had ordered through Moses.
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