Hosea - 12


1Ephraim besieges me with lying, the House of Israel with duplicity. (But Judah stil is on God's side, heis faithful to the Holy One.) 2Ephraim feeds himself on wind, all day he chases the wind from the East, he heaps up cheating andviolence; they make a treaty with Assyria, at the same time sending oil to Egypt. 3Yahweh has a case against Judah, he will punish Jacob as his conduct merits, he will repay him as hisdeeds deserve. 4In the very womb he overreached his brother, in maturity he wrestled against God. 5He wrestled with the angel and beat him, he wept and pleaded with him. He met him at Bethel andthere God spoke to us- 6yes, Yahweh, God Sabaoth, Yahweh is his title! 7So turn back with God's help, maintain faithful love and loyalty and always put your trust in your God. 8Merchants use fraudulent scales. To defraud is his delight. 9'How rich I have become!' says Ephraim, 'I have made a fortune.' But of al his gains he wil keepnothing because of the sin of which he is guilty. 10But I have been Yahweh your God since your days in Egypt and will make you live in tents again asin the days of Meeting. 11I will speak through prophets, I will give vision after vision and through the ministry of prophets wilspeak in parables. 12Is Gilead a sink of iniquity? Yes, they are a worthless lot! At Gilgal they sacrifice to bulls, that is whytheir altars are like heaps of stones in a ploughed field. 13Jacob fled to the countryside of Aram, Israel slaved to win a wife, to win a wife he looked after sheep. 14By a prophet Yahweh brought Israel out of Egypt and by a prophet Israel was preserved. 15Ephraim gave bitter provocation- Yahweh will bring his bloodshed down on him, his Lord wil repayhim for his insult.
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