1' "This is the ritual for the sacrifice of reparation: "It is especially holy. 2The victim must be slaughtered where the burnt offerings are slaughtered, and the priest wil pour theblood al around the altar. 3He wil then offer al the fat: the tail, the fat covering the entrails, 4both kidneys, the fat on them and on the loins, the mass of fat which he wil remove from the liver andkidneys. 5The priest will burn these pieces on the altar as food burnt for Yahweh. This is a sacrifice of reparation. 6Every male who is a priest may eat it. It wil be eaten inside the holy place; it is especially holy. 7"As with the sacrifice for sin, so with the sacrifice of reparation -- the ritual is the same for both. Theoffering with which the priest performs the rite of expiation will revert to the priest. 8The hide of the victim presented by someone to the priest to be offered as a burnt offering wil revert tothe priest. 9Every cereal offering baked in the oven, every cereal offering cooked in the pan or on the griddle wilrevert to the priest who offers it. 10Every cereal offering, mixed with oil or dry, wil revert to all the descendants of Aaron withoutdistinction. 11"This is the ritual for the communion sacrifice to be offered to Yahweh: 12"If this is offered as a sacrifice with praise, to the latter must be added an offering of unleavened cakesmixed with oil, unleavened wafers spread with oil, and wheaten flour in the form of cakes mixed with oil. 13This offering, then, must be added to the cakes of leavened bread and to the communion sacrifice withpraise. 14One of the cakes of this offering must be presented as an offering to Yahweh; it will revert to the priestwho pours out the blood of the communion sacrifice. 15The meat of the victim wil be eaten on the day the offering is made; nothing may be left until nextmorning. 16"If the victim is offered as a votive or a voluntary sacrifice, it must be eaten on the day it is offered, and the remainder may be eaten on the fol owing day; 17but on the third day whatever is left of the meat of the victim must be burnt. 18"If any of the meat of a victim offered as a communion sacrifice is eaten on the third day, the personwho has offered it wil not be acceptable and wil receive no credit for it. It wil count as rotten meat, and theperson who eats it wil bear the consequences of the guilt. 19"Meat that has touched anything unclean cannot be eaten; it must be burnt. "Anyone clean may eat themeat, 20but anyone unclean who eats the meat of a communion sacrifice offered to Yahweh wil be outlawedfrom his people. 21Furthermore, if anyone touches anything unclean, human or animal, or any foul thing, and then eatsthe meat of a communion sacrifice offered to Yahweh, that individual wil be outlawed from his people." ' 22Yahweh spoke to Moses and said, 23'Speak to the Israelites and say: "You may not eat the fat of ox, sheep or goat. 24The fat of an animal that has died a natural death or been savaged by beasts may be used for anyother purpose, but you are not to eat it. 25Anyone who eats the fat of an animal offered as food burnt for Yahweh wil be outlawed from hispeople. 26"Wherever you live, you wil never eat blood, whether it be of bird or of beast. 27Anyone who eats any blood wil be outlawed from his people." ' 28Yahweh spoke to Moses and said, 29'Speak to the Israelites and say: "Anyone who offers Yahweh a communion sacrifice must bring himpart of his sacrifice as an offering. 30He must bring the food to be burnt for Yahweh, that is to say, the fat adhering to the forequarters, withhis own hands. He wil bring it, and also the forequarters, with which he wil make the gesture of offering beforeYahweh. 31The priest wil then burn the fat on the altar, and the forequarters wil revert to Aaron and hisdescendants. 32You will set aside the right thigh from your communion sacrifice and give it to the priest. 33The right thigh will be the portion of the descendant of Aaron who offers the blood and fat of thecommunion sacrifice. 34For I have deprived the Israelites of the forequarter offered and the thigh presented in their communionsacrifices, and given them to the priest Aaron and his descendants; this is a perpetual law for the Israelites." ' 35Such was the portion of Aaron and his descendants in the food burnt for Yahweh, the day hepresented them to Yahweh for them to become his priests. 36This was what Yahweh ordered the Israelites to give them on the day they were anointed: a perpetuallaw for al their descendants. 37Such was the ritual for burnt offering, cereal offering, sacrifice for sin, sacrifice of reparation, investituresacrifice and communion sacrifice, 38which Yahweh laid down for Moses on Mount Sinai, the day he ordered the Israelites to make theirofferings to Yahweh in the desert of Sinai.
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