1Yahweh spoke to Moses and said: 2'Speak to the Israelites and say: "If anyone vows the value of a person to Yahweh and wishes todischarge the vow: 3"a man between twenty and sixty years of age wil be valued at fifty silver shekels -- the sanctuaryshekel; 4a woman wil be valued at thirty shekels; 5"between five and twenty years, a boy wil be valued at twenty shekels, a girl at ten shekels; 6"between one month and five years, a boy wil be valued at five silver shekels, a girl at three silvershekels; 7"at sixty years and over, a man will be valued at fifteen shekels and a woman at ten shekels. 8"If the person who made the vow cannot meet this valuation, he wil present the person concerned tothe priest, and the priest wil set a value proportionate to the resources of the person who made the vow. 9"In the case of an animal suitable for offering to Yahweh, any such animal given to Yahweh wil beholy. 10It cannot be exchanged or replaced, a good one instead of a bad one, or a bad one instead of a goodone. If one animal is substituted for another, both of them wil become holy. 11In the case of an unclean animal unsuitable for offering to Yahweh, whatever it may be, it will bepresented to the priest 12and he wil set a value on it, in relation to its worth. His valuation will be decisive; 13but if the person wishes to redeem it, he will add one-fifth to the valuation. 14"If a man consecrates his house to Yahweh, the priest wil set a value on it, in relation to its worth. Hisvaluation wil be decisive. 15If the man who has vowed his house wishes to redeem it, he wil add one-fifth to the valuation, and itwil revert to him. 16"If a man consecrates one of the fields of his ancestral property to Yahweh, its value wil becalculated in terms of its yield, at the rate of fifty silver shekels to one homer of barley. 17"If he consecrates the field during the jubilee year, he wil abide by this valuation. 18But if he consecrates it after the jubilee, the priest wil calculate the price in terms of the number ofyears stil to run until the next jubilee and the valuation wil be reduced accordingly. 19"If he wishes to redeem the field, he wil add one-fifth to the valuation, and the field wil revert to him. 20If he does not redeem it but sel s it to someone else, the right of redemption ceases; 21when the purchaser has to vacate it at the jubilee year, it becomes consecrated to Yahweh, like afield vowed unconditional y; ownership of it passes to the priest. 22"If he consecrates to Yahweh a field which he has bought, but which is not part of his ancestralproperty, 23the priest wil calculate the valuation in terms of the number of years stil to run before the jubileeyear; and the man wil pay this sum the same day since it is consecrated to Yahweh. 24In the jubilee year the field wil revert to the vendor, the man to whose ancestral property the landbelongs. 25All your valuations will be made in sanctuary shekels, at the rate of twenty gerah to the shekel. 26"The first-born of livestock is born to Yahweh; no one may consecrate it, whether it be cattle or sheep, for it belongs to Yahweh anyway. 27But if it is an unclean animal, it may be redeemed at the valuation price with one-fifth added; if theanimal is not redeemed, it wil be sold at the valuation price. 28"Nothing, however, that someone vows unconditional y to Yahweh may be redeemed, nothing hepossesses, be it a human being or animal or field of his ancestral property. What is vowed unconditional y isespecial y holy and belongs to Yahweh. 29A human being vowed unconditional y cannot be redeemed but wil be put to death. 30"Al tithes on land, levied on the produce of the soil or on the fruit of trees, belong to Yahweh; they areconsecrated to Yahweh. 31If anyone wishes to redeem part of his tithe, he will add one-fifth to its value. 32"In al tithes on herds or flocks, the tenth animal of al that pass under the herdsman's staff wil beconsecrated to Yahweh; 33there wil be no examining whether it is good or bad, and no substitution. If substitution takes place,the animal and its substitute wil both become holy without possibility of redemption." ' 34Such were the orders which Yahweh gave Moses on Mount Sinai for the Israelites.
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