1Yahweh spoke to Moses and said: 2'Speak to the whole community of Israelites and say: "Be holy, for I, Yahweh your God, am holy. 3"Each of you wil respect father and mother. "And you wil keep my Sabbaths; I am Yahweh your God. 4"Do not turn to idols and do not cast metal gods for yourselves. I am Yahweh your God. 5"If you offer a communion sacrifice to Yahweh, make it in such a way as to be acceptable. 6It must be eaten the same day or the day after; whatever is left on the third day must be burnt. 7If eaten on the third day it would be rotten food and not be acceptable. 8Anyone who eats it must bear the consequences of this guilt, having profaned Yahweh's holiness; thatperson wil be outlawed from his people. 9"When you reap the harvest of your land, you wil not reap to the very edges of the field, nor wil yougather the gleanings of the harvest; 10nor wil you strip your vineyard bare, nor pick up the fal en grapes. You will leave them for the poorand the stranger. I am Yahweh your God. 11"You will not steal, nor deal deceitful y or fraudulently with your fel ow-citizen. 12You wil not swear by my name with intent to deceive and thus profane the name of your God. I amYahweh. 13You wil not exploit or rob your fel ow. You wil not keep back the labourer's wage until next morning. 14You wil not curse the dumb or put an obstacle in the way of the blind, but will fear your God. I amYahweh. 15"You will not be unjust in administering justice. You wil neither be partial to the poor nor overawed bythe great, but will administer justice to your fel ow-citizen justly. 16You wil not go about slandering your own family, nor will you put your neighbour's life in jeopardy. Iam Yahweh. 17You wil not harbour hatred for your brother. You will reprove your fel ow-countryman firmly and thusavoid burdening yourself with a sin. 18You wil not exact vengeance on, or bear any sort of grudge against, the members of your race, butwil love your neighbour as yourself. I am Yahweh. 19"You will keep my laws. "You will not mate your cattle with those of another kind; you wil not sow twokinds of grain in your field; you wil not wear a garment made from two kinds of fabric. 20"If someone has intercourse with a woman who is the concubine slave of a man from whom she hasnot been redeemed and she has not been given her freedom, he wil be liable for a fine, but they will not incurdeath, since she was not a free woman. 21He wil bring a sacrifice of reparation for Yahweh to the entrance of the Tent of Meeting. This wil be aram of reparation, 22and with the ram of reparation the priest wil perform the rite of expiation for him before Yahweh forthe sin committed; and the sin he has committed wil be forgiven. 23"Once you have entered the country and planted any kind of fruit tree, you will regard its fruit asuncircumcised. For three years you wil count it as uncircumcised and it wil not be eaten; 24in the fourth year, al its fruit wil be consecrated to Yahweh in a feast of praise; 25and in the fifth year you may eat its fruit, so that it may yield you even more. I am Yahweh your God. 26"You will eat nothing with blood in it. You wil not practise divination or magic. 27"You will not round off your hair at the edges or trim the edges of your beard. 28You wil not gash your bodies when someone dies, and you will not tattoo yourselves. I am Yahweh. 29"Do not profane your daughter by making her a prostitute, or the country itself will become prostitutedand fil ed with incest. 30"You will keep my Sabbaths and revere my sanctuary. I am Yahweh. 31"Do not have recourse to the spirits of the dead or to magicians; they wil defile you. I, Yahweh, amyour God. 32"You will stand up in the presence of grey hair, you wil honour the person of the aged and fear yourGod. I am Yahweh. 33"If you have resident aliens in your country, you wil not molest them. 34You wil treat resident aliens as though they were native-born and love them as yourself -- for youyourselves were once aliens in Egypt. I am Yahweh your God. 35"You will not be unjust in administering justice as regards measures of length, weight or capacity. 36You wil have just scales, just weights, a just ephah and a just hin. I am Yahweh your God whobrought you out of Egypt; 37hence you are to keep al my laws and all my customs and put them into practice. I am Yahweh." '
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