1Pride of the heights, a clear vault of the sky -- such is the beauty of the heavens, a glorious sight. 2The sun, as he emerges, proclaims at his rising, 'How wonderful a thing, the work of the Most High!' 3At his zenith, he parches the ground, who can withstand his blaze? 4We have to blow the furnace to produce any heat, the sun burns the mountains three times as much;breathing out blasts of fire, flashing his rays, he dazzles the eyes. 5Great is the Lord who created him and whose word speeds him on his course. 6And then the moon, ever punctual to mark the times, an everlasting sign: 7It is the moon that signals the feasts, a luminary that wanes after being ful . 8The month derives its name from hers, she waxes wonderful y in her phases, banner of the hosts onhigh, shining in the vault of heaven. 9The glory of the stars makes the beauty of the sky, a brilliant adornment of the Lord on High. 10At the words of the Holy One they stand as he decrees, and never grow slack at their watch. 11See the rainbow and praise its Maker, so superbly beautiful in its splendour. 12Across the sky it forms a glorious arc drawn by the hands of the Most High. 13By his command he sends the snow, he speeds the lightning by his command. 14In the same way, his treasuries open and the clouds fly out like birds. 15His great power solidifies the clouds, then pulverises them into hail. 16at the sight of him, the mountains quake. At his wil the south wind blows,or the storm from the northand the whirlwind. 17At the roar of his thunder, the earth writhes in labour, 18He sprinkles snow like birds alighting, it comes down like locusts settling. The eye marvels at thebeauty of its whiteness, and the mind is amazed at its falling. 19Over the earth, like salt, he also pours hoarfrost, which, when it freezes, bristles like thorns. 20The cold wind blows from the north, and ice forms on the water; it forms on every piece of standingwater, covering it like a breastplate. 21The wind swal ows up the mountains and scorches the desert, like a fire it consumes the vegetation. 22But cloud brings swift healing, and dew brings joy after the heat. 23By his own resourcefulness he has tamed the abyss, and planted it with islands. 24Those who sail the sea tell of its dangers, their accounts fill our ears with amazement: 25for there too exist strange and wonderful works, animals of every kind and huge sea creatures. 26Thanks to God, his messenger reaches port, everything works out according to his word. 27We could say much more and stil fal short; to put it concisely, 'He is al .' 28Where shall we find sufficient power to glorify him, since he is the Great One, above al his works, 29the awe-inspiring Lord, stupendously great, and wonderful in his power? 30Exalt the Lord in your praises as high as you may -- stil he surpasses you. Exert al your strengthwhen you exalt him, do not grow tired -- you wil never come to the end. 31Who has ever seen him to describe him? Who can glorify him as he deserves? 32Many mysteries remain even greater than these, for we have seen only a few of his works, 33the Lord himself having created al things and given wisdom to those who are devout.
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