1My child, do not refuse the poor a livelihood, do not tantalise the needy. 2Do not add to the sufferings of the hungry, do not bait anyone in distress. 3Do not aggravate a heart already angry, nor keep the destitute waiting for your alms. 4Do not repulse a hard-pressed beggar, nor turn your face from the poor. 5Do not avert your eyes from the needy, give no one occasion to curse you; 6for if someone curses you in distress, his Maker will give ear to the imprecation. 7Gain the love of the community, in the presence of the great bow your head. 8To the poor lend an ear, and courteously return the greeting. 9Save the oppressed from the hand of the oppressor, and do not be mean-spirited in your judgements. 10Be like a father to the fatherless and as good as a husband to their mothers. And you wil be like a childto the Most High, who will love you more than your own mother does. 11Wisdom brings up her own children and cares for those who seek her. 12Whoever loves her loves life, those who seek her early wil be fil ed with joy. 13Whoever possesses her wil inherit honour, and wherever he walks the Lord will bless him. 14Those who serve her minister to the Holy One, and the Lord loves those who love her. 15Whoever obeys her rules the nations, whoever pays attention to her dwells secure. 16If he trusts himself to her he wil inherit her, and his descendants will remain in possession of her; 17for though she takes him at first through winding ways, bringing fear and faintness on him, trying himout with her discipline til she can trust him, and testing him with her ordeals, 18she then comes back to him on the straight road, makes him happy and reveals her secrets to him. 19If he goes astray, however, she abandons him and leaves him to his own destruction. 20Take circumstances into account and beware of evil, and have no cause to be ashamed of yourself; 21for there is a shame that leads to sin and a shame that is honourable and gracious. 22Do not be too severe on yourself, do not let shame lead you to ruin. 23Do not refrain from speaking when it will do good, and do not hide your wisdom; 24for your wisdom is made known by what you say, your erudition by the words you utter. 25Do not contradict the truth, rather blush for your own ignorance. 26Do not be ashamed to confess your sins, do not struggle against the current of the river. 27Do not grovel to the foolish, do not show partiality to the influential. 28Fight to the death for truth, and the Lord God wil war on your side. 29Do not be bold of tongue, yet idle and slack in deed; 30do not be like a lion at home, or cowardly towards your servants. 31Do not let your hands be outstretched to receive, yet tight-fisted when the time comes to give back.
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