1Wisdom speaks her own praises, in the midst of her people she glories in herself. 2She opens her mouth in the assembly of the Most High, she glories in herself in the presence of theMighty One: 3'I came forth from the mouth of the Most High, and I covered the earth like mist. 4I had my tent in the heights, and my throne was a pillar of cloud. 5Alone, I have made the circuit of the heavens and walked through the depths of the abyss. 6Over the waves of the sea and over the whole earth, and over every people and nation I have heldsway. 7Among all these I searched for rest, and looked to see in whose territory I might pitch camp. 8Then the Creator of all things instructed me and he who created me fixed a place for my tent. He said,"Pitch your tent in Jacob, make Israel your inheritance." 9From eternity, in the beginning, he created me, and for eternity I shal remain. 10In the holy tent I ministered before him and thus became established in Zion. 11In the beloved city he has given me rest, and in Jerusalem I wield my authority. 12I have taken root in a privileged people, in the Lord's property, in his inheritance. 13I have grown tall as a cedar on Lebanon, as a cypress on Mount Hermon; 14I have grown tall as a palm in En-Gedi, as the rose bushes of Jericho; as a fine olive in the plain, as aplane tree, I have grown tal . 15Like cinnamon and acanthus, I have yielded a perfume, like choice myrrh, have breathed out a scent,like galbanum, onycha, labdanum, like the smoke of incense in the tent. 16I have spread my branches like a terebinth, and my branches are glorious and graceful. 17I am like a vine putting out graceful shoots, my blossoms bear the fruit of glory and wealth. 18 19Approach me, you who desire me, and take your fil of my fruits, 20for memories of me are sweeter than honey, inheriting me is sweeter than the honeycomb. 21They who eat me wil hunger for more, they who drink me will thirst for more. 22No one who obeys me wil ever have to blush, no one who acts as I dictate wil ever sin.' 23Al this is no other than the Book of the Covenant of the Most High God, the Law that Moses enjoinedon us, an inheritance for the communities of Jacob. 24 25This is what makes wisdom brim over like the Pishon, like the Tigris in the season of fruit, 26what makes intel igence overflow like the Euphrates, like the Jordan at harvest time; 27and makes discipline flow like the Nile, like the Gihon when the grapes are harvested. 28The first man did not finish discovering about her, nor has the most recent tracked her down; 29for her thoughts are wider than the sea, and her designs more profound than the abyss. 30And I, like a conduit from a river, like a watercourse running into a garden, 31I said, 'I am going to water my orchard, I intend to irrigate my flower beds.' And see, my conduit hasgrown into a river, and my river has grown into a sea. 32Making discipline shine forth from daybreak, I shal send its light far and wide. 33I shal pour out teaching like prophecy, as a legacy to al future generations. 34And note, I have been working not merely for myself, but for al who are seeking wisdom.
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