1If you mean to do a kindness, choose the right person, then your good deeds wil not be wasted. 2Do good to someone devout, and you wil be rewarded, if not by that person, then certainly by the MostHigh. 3No good will come to one who persists in evil, or who refuses to give alms. 4Give to the devout, do not go to the help of a sinner. 5Do good to the humble, give nothing to the godless. Refuse him bread, do not give him any, it mightmake him stronger than you are; then you would be repaid evil twice over for al the good you had done him. 6For the Most High himself detests sinners, and wil repay the wicked with what they deserve. 7Give to the good, and do not go to the help of a sinner. 8In prosperity you cannot always tel a true friend, but in adversity you cannot mistake an enemy. 9When someone is doing well that person's enemies are sad, when someone is doing badly, even afriend wil keep at a distance. 10Do not ever trust an enemy; as bronze tarnishes, so does an enemy's malice. 11Even if he behaves humbly and comes bowing and scraping, maintain your reserve and be on yourguard against him. Behave towards him as if you were polishing a mirror, you will find that his tarnish cannot last. 12Do not stand him beside you in case he thrusts you out and takes your place. Do not seat him on yourright, or he will be after your position, and then you wil remember what I have said and sadly admit that I wasright. 13Who feels sorry for a snake-charmer bitten by a snake, or for those who take risks with savageanimals? - 14just so for one who consorts with a sinner, and becomes an accomplice in his sins. 15He wil stay with you for a while, but if you once give way he wil press his advantage. 16An enemy may have sweetness on his lips, and in his heart a scheme to throw you into the ditch. Anenemy may have tears in his eyes, but if he gets a chance there can never be too much blood for him. 17If you meet with misfortune, you will find him there before you, and, pretending to help you, he wil tripyou up. 18He wil wag his head and clap his hands, he wil whisper a lot and his expression wil change.
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