1Strongly she reaches from one end of the world to the other and she governs the whole world for itsgood. 2Wisdom I loved and searched for from my youth; I resolved to have her as my bride, I fel in love withher beauty. 3She enhances her noble birth by sharing God's life, for the Master of Al has always loved her. 4Indeed, she shares the secrets of God's knowledge, and she chooses what he wil do. 5If in this life wealth is a desirable possession, what is more wealthy than Wisdom whose work iseverywhere? 6Or if it be the intel ect that is at work, who, more than she, designs whatever exists? 7Or if it be uprightness you love, why, virtues are the fruit of her labours, since it is she who teachestemperance and prudence, justice and fortitude; nothing in life is more useful for human beings. 8Or if you are eager for wide experience, she knows the past, she forecasts the future; she knows how toturn maxims, and solve riddles; she has foreknowledge of signs and wonders, and of the unfolding of the agesand the times. 9I therefore determined to take her to share my life, knowing that she would be my counsel or inprosperity and comfort me in cares and sorrow. 10'Thanks to her, I shal be admired by the masses and honoured, though young, by the elders. 11I shall be reckoned shrewd as a judge, and the great wil be amazed at me. 12They wil wait on my silences, and pay attention when I speak; if I speak at some length, they wil laytheir hand on their lips. 13By means of her, immortality wil be mine, I shal leave an everlasting memory to my successors. 14I shall govern peoples, and nations wil be subject to me; 15at the sound of my name fearsome despots will be afraid; I shal show myself kind to the people andvaliant in battle. 16'When I go home I shal take my ease with her, for nothing is bitter in her company, when life is sharedwith her there is no pain, nothing but pleasure and joy.' 17Having meditated on al this, and having come to the conclusion that immortality resides in kinship withWisdom, 18noble contentment in her friendship, inexhaustible riches in her activities, understanding in cultivatingher society, and renown in conversing with her, I went al ways, seeking how to get her. 19I was a boy of happy disposition, I had received a good soul as my lot, 20or rather, being good, I had entered an undefiled body; 21but, realising that I could never possess Wisdom unless God gave her to me, -a sign of intel igence initself, to know in whose gift she lay -- I prayed to the Lord and entreated him, and with all my heart I said:
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