1Listen then, kings, and understand; rulers of remotest lands, take warning;
2hear this, you who govern great populations, taking pride in your hosts of subject nations!
3For sovereignty is given to you by the Lord and power by the Most High, who will himself probe youracts and scrutinise your intentions.
4If therefore, as servants of his kingdom, you have not ruled justly nor observed the law, nor fol owed thewil of God,
5he wil fal on you swiftly and terribly. On the highly placed a ruthless judgement falls;
6the lowly are pardoned, out of pity, but the mighty wil be mightily tormented.
7For the Lord of al does not cower before anyone, he does not stand in awe of greatness, since hehimself has made small and great and provides for al alike;
8but a searching trial awaits those who wield power.
9So, monarchs, my words are meant for you, so that you may learn wisdom and not fal into error;
10for those who in holiness observe holy things will be adjudged holy, and, accepting instruction fromthem, wil find their defence in them.
11Set your heart, therefore, on what I have to say, listen with a wil , and you wil be instructed.
12Wisdom is bril iant, she never fades. By those who love her, she is readily seen, by those who seekher, she is readily found.
13She anticipates those who desire her by making herself known first.
14Whoever gets up early to seek her will have no trouble but wil find her sitting at the door.
15Meditating on her is understanding in its perfect form, and anyone keeping awake for her will soon befree from care.
16For she herself searches everywhere for those who are worthy of her, benevolently appearing to them on their ways, anticipating their every thought.
17For Wisdom begins with the sincere desire for instruction, care for instruction means loving her,
18loving her means keeping her laws, attention to her laws guarantees incorruptibility,
19and incorruptibility brings us near to God;
20the desire for Wisdom thus leads to sovereignty.
21If then thrones and sceptres delight you, monarchs of the nations, honour Wisdom, so that you mayreign for ever.
22What Wisdom is and how she was born, I shal now explain; I shal hide no mysteries from you, butshall fol ow her steps from the outset of her origin, setting out what we know of her in ful light, without departingfrom the truth.
23Blighting envy is no companion for me, for envy has nothing in common with Wisdom.
24In the greatest number of the wise lies the world's salvation, in a sagacious king the stability of apeople.
25Learn, therefore, from my words; the gain will be yours.
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