1But the godless were assailed by merciless anger to the very end, for he knew beforehand what theywould do, 2how, after letting his people leave and hastening their departure, they would change their minds andgive chase. 3They were actual y stil conducting their mourning rites and lamenting at the tombs of their dead, whenanother mad scheme came into their heads and they set out to pursue, as though runaways, the people whomthey had expel ed and begged to go. 4A wel -deserved fate urged them to this extreme and made them forget what had already happened,so that they would add to their torments the one punishment outstanding 5and, while your people were experiencing a journey contrary to al expectations, would themselvesmeet an extraordinary death. 6For the whole creation, submissive to your commands, had its very nature re-created, so that yourchildren should be preserved from harm. 7Overshadowing the camp there was the cloud; where there had been water, dry land was seen to rise;the Red Sea became an unimpeded way, the tempestuous waves, a green plain; 8sheltered by your hand, the whole nation passed across, gazing at these amazing prodigies. 9They were like horses at pasture, they skipped like lambs, singing your praises, Lord, their deliverer. 10For they stil remembered the events of their exile, how the land had bred mosquitoes instead ofanimals and the River had disgorged mil ions of frogs instead of fish. 11Later they were to see a new way for birds to come into being, when, goaded by greed, theydemanded something tasty, 12and quails came up out of the sea to satisfy them. 13On the sinners, however, punishments rained down not without violent thunder as early warning; andthey suffered what their own crimes had justly deserved since they had shown such bitter hatred to foreigners. 14Others, indeed, had failed to welcome strangers who came to them, but the Egyptians had enslavedtheir own guests and benefactors. 15The sinners, moreover, will certainly be punished for it, since they gave the foreigners a hostilewelcome; 16but the latter, having given a festive reception to people who already shared the same rights asthemselves, later overwhelmed them with terrible labours. 17Hence they were struck with blindness, like the sinners at the gate of the upright, when, yawningdarkness all around them, each had to grope his way through his own door. 18A new attuning of the elements occurred, as on a harp the notes may change their rhythm, though althe while preserving the same tone; and this is just what happened: 19land animals became aquatic, swimming ones took to the land, 20fire reinforced its strength in water, and water forgot the power of extinguishing it; 21flames, on the other hand, did not char the flesh of delicate animals that ventured into them; nor didthey melt the heavenly food resembling ice and as easily melted. 22Yes, Lord, in every way you have made your people great and glorious; you have never failed to helpthem at any time or place.
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