1For your holy ones, however, there was a very great light. The Egyptians, who could hear them but notsee them, cal ed them fortunate because they had not suffered too; 2they thanked them for doing no injury in return for previous wrongs and asked forgiveness for theirpast il -wil . 3In contrast to the darkness, you gave your people a pil ar of blazing fire to guide them on theirunknown journey, a mild sun for their ambitious migration. 4But well those others deserved to be deprived of light and imprisoned in darkness, for they had kept incaptivity your children, by whom the incorruptible light of the Law was to be given to the world. 5As they had resolved to kill the infants of the holy ones, and as of those exposed only one child hadbeen saved, you punished them by carrying off their horde of children and by destroying them al in the wildwater. 6That night had been known in advance to our ancestors, so that, wel knowing him in whom they hadput their trust, they would be sure of his promises. 7Your people thus were waiting both for the rescue of the upright and for the ruin of the enemy; 8for by the very vengeance that you exacted on our adversaries, you glorified us by calling us to you. 9So the holy children of the good offered sacrifice in secret and with one accord enacted this holy law:that the holy ones should share good things and dangers alike; and forthwith they chanted the hymns of theancestors. 10In echo came the discordant cries of their enemies, and the pitiful wails of people mourning for theirchildren could be heard from far away. 11One and the same punishment had struck slave and master alike, and now commoner and king hadthe same sufferings to endure. 12Struck by the same death, al had innumerable dead. There were not enough living left to bury them,for, at one stroke, the flower of their offspring had perished. 13Those whose spel s had made them completely incredulous, when faced with the destruction of theirfirst-born, acknowledged this people to be child of God. 14When peaceful silence lay over all, and night had run the half of her swift course, 15down from the heavens, from the royal throne, leapt your al -powerful Word like a pitiless warrior intothe heart of a land doomed to destruction. Carrying your unambiguous command like a sharp sword, 16it stood, and fil ed the universe with death; though standing on the earth, it touched the sky. 17Immediately, dreams and gruesome visions overwhelmed them with terror, unexpected fearsassailed them. 18Hurled down, some here, some there, half dead, they were able to say why they were dying; 19for the dreams that had troubled them had warned them why beforehand, so that they should notperish without knowing why they were being afflicted. 20Experience of death, however, touched the upright too, and a great many were struck down in thedesert. But the Retribution did not last long, 21for a blameless man hurried to their defence. Wielding the weapons of his sacred office, prayer andexpiating incense, he confronted Retribution and put an end to the plague, thus showing that he was yourservant. 22He overcame Hostility, not by physical strength, nor by force of arms; but by word he prevailed overthe Punisher, by recal ing the oaths made to the Fathers, and the covenants. 23Already the corpses lay piled in heaps, when he interposed and beat Retribution back and cut off itsapproach to the living. 24For the whole world was on his flowing robe, the glorious names of the Fathers engraved on the fourrows of stones, and your Majesty on the diadem on his head. 25From these the Destroyer recoiled, he was afraid of these. This one experience of Retribution wasenough.
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