1Wisdom has built herself a house, she has hewn her seven pil ars, 2she has slaughtered her beasts, drawn her wine, she has laid her table. 3She has despatched her maidservants and proclaimed from the heights above the city, 4'Who is simple? Let him come this way.' To the fool she says, 5'Come and eat my bread, drink the wine which I have drawn! 6Leave foolishness behind and you wil live, go forwards in the ways of perception.' 7Reprove a mocker and you attract contempt, rebuke the wicked and you attract dishonour. 8Do not rebuke the mocker, he wil hate you. Rebuke the wise and he wil love you for it. 9Be open with the wise, he grows wiser stil , teach the upright, he wil gain yet more. 10The first principle of wisdom is the fear of Yahweh, What God's holy ones know -- this isunderstanding. 11For by me your days wil be multiplied, and your years of life increased. 12Are you wise? You are wise to your own good. A mocker? The burden is yours alone. 13A silly woman acts on impulse, is foolish and knows nothing. 14She sits at the door of her house, on a throne high up in the city, 15cal ing to the passers-by, who are walking straight past on their way, 16'Who is simple? Turn aside, come over here.' To the fool she says, 17'Stolen waters are sweet, and bread tastes better when eaten in secret.' 18But the fool does not know that this is where the Shades are and that her guests are already in thevales of Sheol.
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