1The wicked flees when no one is pursuing, the upright is bold as a lion. 2A country in revolt throws up many leaders: with one person wise and experienced, you have stability. 3The wicked oppresses the weak: here is a devastating rain -- and farewell, bread! 4Those who forsake the law sing the praises of the wicked, those who observe the law are angered bythem. 5The wicked do not know what justice means, those who seek Yahweh understand everything. 6Better someone poor living an honest life than someone of devious ways however rich. 7An intel igent child is one who keeps the Law; an associate of profligates brings shame on his father. 8Whoever increases wealth by usury and interest amasses it for someone else who will bestow it on thepoor. 9Whoever refuses to listen to the Law, such a one's very prayer is an abomination. 10Whoever seduces the honest to evil ways wil fal into his own pit. The blameless are the heirs tohappiness. 11The rich may think himself wise, but the intelligent poor wil unmask him. 12When the upright triumph, there is great exultation: when the wicked are in the ascendant, peopletake cover. 13No one who conceals his sins will prosper, whoever confesses and renounces them will find mercy. 14Blessed the person who is never without fear, whoever hardens his heart will fal into distress. 15Like a roaring lion or a springing bear is a wicked ruler of a powerless people. 16An unenlightened ruler is rich in rapacity, one who hates greed wil lengthen his days. 17A man guilty of murder wil flee till he reaches his tomb: let no one halt him! 18Whoever lives an honest life wil be safe, whoever wavers between two ways falls down in one ofthem. 19Whoever works his land shall have bread and to spare, but no one who chases fantasies has anysense. 20A trustworthy person wil be overwhelmed with blessings, but no one who tries to get rich quickly wilgo unpunished. 21It is not good to show partiality, but people will do wrong for a mouthful of bread. 22The person of greedy eye chases after wealth, not knowing that want wil be the result. 23Anyone who reproves another wil enjoy more favour in the end than the flatterer. 24Whoever robs father and mother saying, 'Nothing wrong in that!' is comrade for a brigand. 25The covetous provokes disputes, whoever trusts in Yahweh wil prosper. 26Whoever trusts his own wit is a fool, anyone whose ways are wise wil be safe. 27No one who gives to the poor wil ever go short, but whoever closes his eyes will have curses inplenty. 28When the wicked are in the ascendant, people take cover, but when they perish, the upright multiply.
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