1Fame is preferable to great wealth, favour, to silver and gold. 2Rich and poor rub shoulders, Yahweh has made them both. 3The discreet sees danger and takes shelter, simpletons go ahead and pay the penalty. 4The reward of humility is the fear of Yahweh, and riches, honour and life. 5Thorns and snares line the path of the wilful, whoever values life will stay at a distance. 6Give a lad a training suitable to his character and, even when old, he wil not go back on it. 7The rich lords it over the poor, the borrower is the lender's slave. 8Whoever sows injustice reaps disaster, and the rod of such anger wil disappear. 9A kindly eye wil earn a blessing, such a person shares out food with the poor. 10Expel the mocker and strife goes too, law-suits and dislike die down. 11Whoever loves the pure of heart and is gracious of speech has the king for a friend. 12Yahweh's eyes protect knowledge, but he confounds deceitful speeches. 13'There is a lion outside,' says the idler, 'I shal be kil ed in the street!' 14The mouth of an adulterous woman is a deep pit, into it fal s the man whom Yahweh rebukes. 15Fol y is anchored in the heart of a youth, the whip of instruction wil rid him of it. 16Harsh treatment enriches the poor, but a gift impoverishes the rich. 17Give ear, listen to the sayings of the sages, and apply your heart to what I know, 18for it wil be a delight to keep them deep within you to have them al ready on your lips. 19So that your trust may be in Yahweh, it is you whom I wish to instruct today. 20Have I not written for you thirty chapters of advice and knowledge, 21to make you know the certainty of true sayings, so that you can return with sound answers to thosewho sent you? 22Do not despoil the weak, for he is weak, and do not oppress the poor at the gate, 23for Yahweh takes up their cause, and extorts the life of their extortioners. 24Do not make friends with one who gives way to anger, make no one quick-tempered a companion ofyours, 25for fear you learn such behaviour and in it find a snare for yourself. 26Do not be one of those who go guarantor, who go surety for debts: 27if you have no means of paying your bed wil be taken from under you. 28Do not displace the ancient boundary-stone set by your ancestors. 29You see someone alert at his business? His aim wil be to serve kings; not for him the service of theobscure.
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