1[For the choirmaster Tune: 'Do not destroy' Psalm Of Asaph Song] We give thanks to you, God, wegive thanks to you, as we cal upon your name, as we recount your wonders. 2'At the appointed time I myself shal dispense justice. 3The earth quakes and al its inhabitants; it is I who hold its pil ars firm.Pause 4'I said to the boastful, "Do not boast!" to the wicked, "Do not flaunt your strength! 5Do not flaunt your strength so proudly, do not talk with that arrogant stance." ' 6No longer from east to west, no longer in the mountainous desert, 7is God judging in uprightness, bringing some down, raising others. 8Yahweh is holding a cup fil ed with a heady blend of wine; he wil pour it, they wil drink it to the dregs, al the wicked on earth wil drink it. 9But I shal speak out for ever, shal make music for the God of Jacob. 10I shal break down al the strength of the wicked, and the strength of the upright will rise high.
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