1[Poem Of Asaph] God, why have you final y rejected us, your anger blazing against the flock you usedto pasture? 2Remember the people you took to yourself long ago, your own tribe which you redeemed, and thisMount Zion where you came to live. 3Come up to these endless ruins! The enemy have sacked everything in the sanctuary; 4your opponents made uproar in the place of assemblies, they fixed their emblems over the entrance,emblems 5never known before. Their axes deep in the wood, 6hacking at the panels, they battered them down with axe and pick; 7they set fire to your sanctuary, profanely rased to the ground the dwel ing-place of your name. 8They said to themselves, 'Let us crush them at one stroke!' They burned down every sacred shrine inthe land. 9We see no signs, no prophet any more, and none of us knows how long it wil last. 10How much longer, God, will the enemy blaspheme? Is the enemy to insult your name for ever? 11Why hold back your hand, keep your right hand hidden in the folds of your robe? 12Yet, God, my king from the first, author of saving acts throughout the earth, 13by your power you split the sea in two, and smashed the heads of the monsters on the waters. 14You crushed Leviathan's heads, gave him as food to the wild animals. 15You released the springs and brooks, and turned primordial rivers into dry land. 16Yours is the day and yours the night, you caused sun and light to exist, 17you fixed all the boundaries of the earth, you created summer and winter. 18Remember, Yahweh, the enemy's blasphemy, a foolish people insults your name. 19Do not surrender your turtledove to the beast; do not forget for ever the life of your oppressed people. 20Look to the covenant! Al the hiding-places of the land are ful , haunts of violence. 21Do not let the downtrodden retreat in confusion, give the poor and needy cause to praise your name. 22Arise, God, champion your own cause, remember how fools blaspheme you all day long! 23Do not forget the shouting of your enemies, the ever-mounting uproar of your adversaries.
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