1In you, Yahweh, I take refuge, I shal never be put to shame. 2In your saving justice rescue me, deliver me, listen to me and save me. 3Be a sheltering rock for me, always accessible; you have determined to save me, for you are my rock,my fortress. 4My God, rescue me from the clutches of the wicked, from the grasp of the rogue and the ruthless. 5For you are my hope, Lord, my trust, Yahweh, since boyhood. 6On you I have relied since my birth, since my mother's womb you have been my portion, the constanttheme of my praise. 7Many were bewildered at me, but you are my sure refuge. 8My mouth is full of your praises, fil ed with your splendour all day long. 9Do not reject me in my old age, nor desert me when my strength is failing, 10for my enemies are discussing me, those with designs on my life are plotting together. 11'Hound him down, for God has deserted him! Seize him, there is no one to rescue him.' 12God, do not stand aloof, my God, come quickly to help me. 13Shame and ruin on those who slander me, may those intent on harming me be covered with insultand infamy. 14As for me, my hope wil never fade, I wil praise you more and more. 15My lips shal proclaim your saving justice, your saving power all day long. 16I wil come in the power of Yahweh to tel of your justice, yours alone. 17God, you have taught me from boyhood, and I am still proclaiming your marvels. 18Now that I am old and grey-haired, God, do not desert me, til I have proclaimed your strength togenerations still to come, your power 19and justice to the skies. You have done great things, God, who is like you? 20You have shown me much misery and hardship, but you will give me life again, You will raise me upagain from the depths of the earth, 21prolong my old age, and comfort me again. 22For my part, I will thank you on the lyre for your constancy, my God. I wil play the harp in yourhonour, Holy One of Israel. 23My lips sing for joy as I play to you, because you have redeemed me, 24and al day long my tongue muses on your saving justice. Shame and disgrace on those intent toharm me!
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