1[For the choirmaster To the tune 'The decree is a lily' In a quiet voice Of David To be learnt When hewas at war with Aram-Naharaim and Aram-Zobah, and Joab marched back to destroy twelve thousand Edomitesin the Val ey of Salt] God, you have rejected us, broken us, you were angry, come back to us! 2You made the earth tremble, split it open; now mend the rifts, it is tottering stil . 3You have forced your people to drink a bitter draught, forced us to drink a wine that made us reel. 4You gave a signal to those who fear you to let them escape out of range of the bow.Pause 5To rescue those you love, save with your right hand and answer us. 6God has spoken from his sanctuary, 'In triumph I wil divide up Shechem, and share out the Valley ofSuccoth. 7'Mine is Gilead, mine Manasseh, Ephraim the helmet on my head, Judah my commander's baton, 8'Moab a bowl for me to wash in, on Edom I plant my sandal. Now try shouting "Victory!" over me,Philistia!' 9Who wil lead me against a fortified city, who wil guide me into Edom, 10if not you, the God who has rejected us? God, you no longer march with our armies. 11Bring us help in our time of crisis, any human help is worthless. 12With God we shal do deeds of valour, he wil trample down our enemies.
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