1[For the choirmaster Tune: 'Do not destroy' Of David In a quiet voice] Divine as you are, do you trulygive upright verdicts? do you judge fairly the children of Adam? 2No! You devise injustice in your hearts, and with your hands you administer tyranny on the earth. 3Since the womb they have gone astray, the wicked, on the wrong path since their birth, with theirunjust verdicts. 4They are poisonous as any snake, deaf as an adder that blocks its ears 5so as not to hear the magician's music, however skilful his spel s. 6God, break the teeth in their mouths, snap off the fangs of these young lions, Yahweh. 7May they drain away like water running to waste, may they wither like trampled grass, 8like the slug that melts as it moves or a still-born child that never sees the sun. 9Before they sprout thorns like the bramble, green or burnt up, may retribution whirl them away. 10The upright wil rejoice to see vengeance done, and wil bathe his feet in the blood of the wicked. 11'So', people wil say, 'the upright does have a reward; there is a God to dispense justice on earth.'
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