1[For the choirmaster Of the sons of Korah Psalm] Clap your hands, all peoples, acclaim God withshouts of joy. 2For Yahweh, the Most High, is glorious, the great king over al the earth. 3He brings peoples under our yoke and nations under our feet. 4He chooses for us our birthright, the pride of Jacob whom he loves.Pause 5God goes up to shouts of acclaim, Yahweh to a fanfare on the ram's horn. 6Let the music sound for our God, let it sound, let the music sound for our king, let it sound. 7For he is king of the whole world; learn the music, let it sound for God! 8God reigns over the nations, seated on his holy throne. 9The leaders of the nations ral y to the people of the God of Abraham. The shields of the earth belongto God, who is exalted on high.
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