1[For the choirmaster Poem Of the sons of Korah] As a deer yearns for running streams, so I yearn foryou, my God. 2I thirst for God, the living God; when shal I go to see the face of God? 3I have no food but tears day and night, as al day long I am taunted, 'Where is your God?' 4This I remember as I pour out my heart, how I used to pass under the roof of the Most High used to goto the house of God, among cries of joy and praise, the sound of the feast. 5Why be so downcast, why all these sighs? Hope in God! I will praise him stil , my Saviour, 6my God. When I am downcast I think of you: from the land of Jordan and Hermon, I think of you,humble mountain. 7Deep is cal ing to deep by the roar of your cataracts, al your waves and breakers have rolled over me. 8In the daytime God sends his faithful love, and even at night; the song it inspires in me is a prayer tomy living God. 9I shal say to God, my rock, 'Why have you forgotten me? Why must I go around in mourning,harrassed by the enemy?' 10With death in my bones, my enemies taunt me, al day long they ask me, 'Where is your God?' 11Why so downcast, why al these sighs? Hope in God! I wil praise him stil , my Saviour, my God.
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