1[For the choirmaster Of David Psalm] I waited, I waited for Yahweh, then he stooped to me and heardmy cry for help. 2He pul ed me up from the seething chasm, from the mud of the mire. He set my feet on rock, andmade my footsteps firm. 3He put a fresh song in my mouth, praise of our God. Many wil be awestruck at the sight, and will puttheir trust in Yahweh. 4How blessed are those who put their trust in Yahweh, who have not sided with rebels and those whohave gone astray in falsehood. 5How much you have done, Yahweh, my God -- your wonders, your plans for us -- you have no equal. Iwil proclaim and speak of them; they are beyond number. 6You wanted no sacrifice or cereal offering, but you gave me an open ear, you did not ask for burntoffering or sacrifice for sin; 7then I said, 'Here I am, I am coming.' In the scrol of the book it is written of me, 8my delight is to do your will; your law, my God, is deep in my heart. 9I proclaimed the saving justice of Yahweh in the great assembly. See, I will not hold my tongue, as youwel know. 10I have not kept your saving justice locked in the depths of my heart, but have spoken of yourconstancy and saving help. I have made no secret of your faithful and steadfast love, in the great assembly. 11You, Yahweh, have not withheld your tenderness from me; your faithful and steadfast love will alwaysguard me. 12For troubles surround me, until they are beyond number; my sins have overtaken me; I cannot seemy way. They outnumber the hairs of my head, and my heart fails me. 13Be pleased, Yahweh, to rescue me, Yahweh, come quickly and help me! 14Shame and dismay to al who seek to take my life. Back with them, let them be humiliated whodelight in my misfortunes. 15Let them be aghast with shame, those who say to me, 'Aha, aha!' 16But joy and happiness in you to all who seek you! Let them ceaselessly cry, 'Great is Yahweh' wholove your saving power. 17Poor and needy as I am, the Lord has me in mind. You, my helper, my Saviour, my God, do notdelay.
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