1[Psalm Of David When he was fleeing from his son Absalom] Yahweh, how countless are my enemies,how countless those who rise up against me, 2how countless those who say of me, 'No salvation for him from his God!'Pause 3But you, Yahweh, the shield at my side, my glory, you hold my head high. 4I cry out to Yahweh; he answers from his holy mountain.Pause 5As for me, if I lie down and sleep, I shall awake, for Yahweh sustains me. 6I have no fear of people in their thousands upon thousands, who range themselves against mewherever I turn. 7Arise, Yahweh, rescue me, my God! You strike all my foes across the face, you break the teeth of thewicked. 8In Yahweh is salvation, on your people, your blessing!Pause
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